• Do you  feel overwhelmed when trying to do your most important tasks?
                  • Do you  put off doing what’s important – and then get distracted doing other things?
                  • Would you like to be more consistently productive, taking action toward your goals?

                  The #1 problem facing

                  small business owners today …

                  and what you can do about it 


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                  Imagine … instantly knowing what to do next, and then just
                  taking action to get results?

                  Most people know a hundred ways to be more productive in their life and business. They just can’t seem to DO what is needed, easily and without stress.

                  How would you like to sit down to your office chair and zip through your important priorities on your to do list? How would you like to not only DO what needs to be done, but to CONSISTENTLY prioritize the RIGHT things effortlessly and effectively to move yourself towards your goals?

                  After more than a decade of coaching, delivering workshops and teaching hundreds of people how to improve their lives with Energy Psychology, Productivity Training and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have realized that most small business owners struggle with three related problems:

                  They feel overwhelmed when faced with their most important tasks

                  They put off doing what’s needed
                  to move forward to their
                  most important goals

                  They have huge potential, but are
                  unable to turn it into the
                  success they deserve

                  Does this sound familiar?

                  If you experience overwhelm, procrastination and lack of tangible results, I understand. I know where you are coming from, because goodness knows you are not alone! So many people have spent loads of time spinning wheels, unable to do what really matters to generate success in their business!

                  The good news is that now you can change this, permanently, so that when you are ready, your every action moves you towards your goals.

                   Are you ready to create meaningful results in your business or your life?

                  The secret is simpler than you think. When you light up with positive emotions, nothing seems difficult. The problem is that too many areas of working on your small business have quite the opposite effect. And this is where you will find help, here.

                  How would you like to have a new kind of clarity?

                  How would you like to have clarity about what action to take next to move further towards your goals? Better yet, how would you like to be able to “lighten up” and feel positive in front of anything you need to do?

                  Are you ready for results?

                  If you are ready to gain clarity about what you need to do to step into the success path you’ve been dreaming of AND THEN get onto a “virtual moving sidewalk” of your aligned energy field and own infinite wisdom to move you forward, I’d love to help.

                  Learn about how to systematically and consistently create the life you’ve longed for. Take a step closer to success, clarity and happiness. Say yes to moving forward!

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                  Susan Rose

                  Author, Speaker, Coach,

                  Creator of Boardroom Yoga

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                  • So if you feel overwhelmed, or procrastinate …
                  • Or if you lose your focus, get distracted and don’t finish your most important tasks …
                  • Or just want to be more consistently, calmly productive …
                  • Take action and find out the #1 problem people like you face and what you can do about it! 

                  The #1 problem facing

                  small business owners today …

                  and what you can do about it 


                  We respect your email privacy