Today I am starting – with renewed motivation – a healthy eating plan to eliminate the refined sugars, flours and gluten from my diet. Three years ago I subsisted on a diet consisting only of mood boosting foods like wild salmon and flax oil and lots of vegetables, cutting out the floured breads entirely for the entire time, so this will be a variation on that. I’m participating in this plan as part of a personal goal to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired through the study of natural health options.

This morning I have cooked up some Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice hot cereal. On this new plan, even the trusted steel cut oats are not permitted because of the gluten content. (I’ll have to look up all the negatives about gluten later today.) Although I am a natural health consultant with a specialty in nutrition, I cannot call myself a nutritionist, and while I do have some sensitivity to wheat, I am not allergic to gluten. I personally do not need to avoid either normally. When I eat wheat, I get sleepy, which is a sign of allergy, as I learned in my allergy training, but apart from that I am not affected.

My favorite word when I am eating is simply Yummy which I think has been programmed to mean a kind of bless this food. So here I am having just finished a bowl of hot rice cereal with freshly ground cinnamon, half a cut up apple and a few raisins, with almond milk. Yummy. I forgot to check whether raisins are on the ‘okay list’ for this particular plan, but I’ll replace them with something else next time if they are not.

NOTE TO SELF: Clean out the pantry today and reorganize. I couldn’t find the almonds this morning, although I am never out of almonds, and I know I need to stock up on more of the foods that I will be eating. This breakfast is entirely delicious and satisfactory, in the old-fashioned sense, like Rabbit’s Sustaining Soup in my children’s Winnie the Pooh book.

I teach workshops myself, and am addicted to learning, so I am really enjoying following this plan that someone else has prepared. I don’t have to know all the details, and can just follow along. The plan I am following right now is the 30 day No Sugar Challenge developed by Julie Audette here in Montreal. Like most natural health practitioners, I love taking classes that confirm what I know and where I learn a few new things in the company of people who are learning to take charge of their health.

So let’s see what the day brings in terms of mood, energy level and yes, potential cravings!

Just in case you don’t know what a Natural Health Practitioner is…

I’m a Natural Health Practitioner, and I like using the Naturotherapeute designation, even in English, because it at least confers the idea that there is a real trajectory of study involved. What a natural health consultants does is not universally known in the corporate world. While there is a huge body of literature and scientific research as well as recognized schools at the university level for the study of natural alternatives to health, there are many barriers to understanding what alternative medicine offers that make it a viable and not a fringe option in the management of health.

Those of us like myself who do not do ‘bodywork’ as our main method of intake are further challenged by the assumption that we all are some kind of massage therapists. What I do is use my knowledge and training to figure out what would help improve people’s health on an individual basis using a wide range of natural options.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman