I have been working productively, I just realized, for hours without a mood variation or any kind of coffee or sugar twinge. I take it then that the breakfast was pretty substantial, the brown rice cream with the extras and no sugars at all. I’m impressed.

For lunch on the 30 day Challenge I don’t have to do much since I have the most delicious black bean soup I made earlier this week in quantity, to which I add all manner of fresh garnishes. There is a ton of vitamins in the fresh parsley and cilanto that goes on top. With the weather so terribly cold that some businesses are closing early in my area (I just learned), I think I’ll pretend I’m in Mexico and spruce up the black bean soup with the ingredients from a Caldo Talpeno recipe. Instead of the chicken stew base, I have the black bean, but I am sure that the avocado slices, fresh red pepper, fresh herbs and goat’s cheese will be just as delicious.

With this meal (writing about it takes more time than preparing it) I not only respect the 30 days rules, including the use of fresh goat cheese, but the Chinese medicine rules of a hot dish and one that supports our vital energy in winter. And, with the deliberately small list of ingredients where if there is cheese there is no meat, I respect the rules of food combining for best digestion!

It’s fun actually to focus on food when it is food time, and to have a purpose for doing so. Then back to work. The only thing that is taking more time is as I said the writing up, which is fun because I have the time. I am usually ‘quiet’ from Friday to Monday. The busy weekdays will be another story I am sure.

I am pretty sure that I can eat black beans, chick peas and brown rice with various meat variations for the next week or so. Then we will see whether I become bored with my meager (on purpose, could be much more elaborate) menu. For those of you wondering, I have found that I normally have a good week if I can cook up a large batch of some kind of legume and a batch of brown rice. Then I flavor them as I like, but hunger is not an issue. Black beans take a really long time to cook (3 to 4 hours even when soaked first) so having them ready to go is a treat! You can freeze in plastic bags all the quantity except for the first two days’ worth, too. The healthy vibrant nutrition comes from the fresh goodies, but the beans provide a ton of solid nutrients.

In health,

Wellness Woman