The hard facts about vitamins in the commercial marketplace are that many are next to useless to the normal human body. Period. There is no doubt that we need vitamins and supplements. The land our vegetables grow on has become depleted over the years, all the more so by large commercial mono crop prodution. I learned years ago in my nutrition studies the importance of vitamins and minerals to optimal functioning of our metabolism and the health and repair of our tissues and organs. But I only recently came across the hard facts about commercial vitamins.

What I learned in nutrition class was that the typical compressed pill is not absorbed by the body, as documented with lots of photos in a book known as the Potty Study. They travel through the body unabsorbed, doing no good. What I learned recently was the statistic that the research reveals about one of the most popular vitamins (okay, this is a blog, so it is Centrum). Seems that 4% to 8% of the ‘goodness’ is absorbed by the body. Not such a great success story.

What to do? Look to herb sources, the concentrated plant extracts, or a brand made by companies like AOR or Melaleuca. What seems more expensive is not. You get what you can absorb, regardless of what you pay. Stop taking the hard pills of any kind. They travel right through the gut… More about options for health in the vitamin supplement and mineral supplement category at another time!

Yours in wellness,

Wellness Woman