I have been off-line for the better part of the summer of 2009. I am in the midst of moving, actually, and shifting my life around. I began the month of July with packing my old life into boxes, clearly labeled, for an as yet undetermined storage locker duration. I found the process not unpleasant, and even figured out a way for ensuring I could distinguish the books from the china easily. I have a lot of books. I duly prepared two boxes of “can’t live without” books, but put them into storage anyway and have hardly had a twinge of regret except for wishing I had access to the Paul Pitchford Healing with Whole Foods to make a few considered suggestions for friends.

For most of the summer, I have just been working and, well, mostly just living in the country. I don’t work full time, but rather have a small consulting practice and am on call for market research and training sub-contracting with a number of business contacts. So in the summer I can shove off and travel or have extended countryside stays without guilt. I have mostly been away from computers, except for a quick email check, so have not done any writing or blogging for two months.

I have not however been idle in the education department. I take my personal mission of spreading awareness of the importance of learning what your physical body benefits from in the way of food and drink pretty lightly by now. When I first was studying and learning all kinds of life saving information about what we eat and drink, I was much more earnest than now. I have matured, I suppose I could say, to simply proffer information to those who seek it in a non-judgemental way. And I like to have fun.

This summer I gave a seminar on Blood Type and Ancestral Eating. While that may sound somewhat bleak, the presentation I gave was not at all. I had the idea to apply a little of my comedy routines that I perform sporadically for gathered audiences, to kind of liven up what is normally a pretty funny and dynamic delivery any way.

I had props with me at the conference this year, for an entirely different purpose, and realized a couple of days before my presentation that I could make the differences between the blood types visually memorable. No one took photos of me, of that I am sure, but I can tell you that I will not soon be forgotten. I like hats, you see. So had a lot of fun with varying the hats according to cultural differences between the groups. The pashmina came in pretty handy too.

I leave it to the imagination what transpired.

On the topic of wellness, laughter is good for you. On the topic of education, it seems we learn more and faster when we are happy and the climate is non-stressful. I do like to laugh. So I think a new style of presentation has emerged. I suspect I am in good company.

Yours in wellness,

Wellness Woman