Yesterday in a class I have been attending this fall, a young woman turned to me with a smile and asked whether I had had the H1N1 flu vaccine yet. Knowing she is a community health nurse, I assumed she was prompting me or starting a conversation about how important it is for everyone.

I guess I was somewhat triggered by the jollity of her question, as though asking me whether I had had some kind of new candy everyone is talking about. I forget that I don’t wear a badge that announces my training in immunology, PNI and naturopathy. And that most people have no idea what these are in any case. What I know she was not aware of is that vaccines of any kind are a sensitive subject to anyone who has had a chance to study natural health – or to anyone who knows someone with a child who has had an adverse health reaction of any kind. It is a very sensitive subject to natural health practitioners.

Natural health practitioners have been exposed to the research about what potentially may happen to human beings when they use or abuse pharmaceutical products, although most consumers laugh at the warnings we hear on television at the end of commercials. Lots of not very good things. Beating around the bush I suppose I am, but even I am hesitant to say what I have learned about the potential problems associated with vaccines. They contain all kinds of very toxic substances that can damage the nervous system, for one. For a second, they fail to boost the immune system against many of the things they are touted to do.

I am mostly at a loss for words now, it seems, on the subject. Just know that I would rather boost my immune system in a dozen natural ways than subject myself to an intravenous cocktail of harmful substances. Most consumers are totally unaware of the potential adverse effects of vaccines, and those who refuse to take them are considered crazy for the most part.

I am not alarmist, but I have visited the website of adverse effects of vaccines. Thousands and thousands of cases of very serious harm. I would simply wish people to be more informed about the subject. I am not on a hobby horse… anymore. I work in various capacities for pharmaceutical firms in a market research capacity. But still, with my training now, no vaccine for me. There are homeopathic vaccines available without the mercury, and there are antidotes available homeopathically for people who are obliged to take vaccines for travel purposes. But no natural health practitioner would take them, preferring alternate ways to keep disease away.

My own immune system is healthy: I do lots of natural things to keep it that way. The field of psychoneuroimmunology teaches us that we can change our physical self through visualization and, as it turns out, just by asking. Okay, please do not snicker, because this is proven science. I am not suggesting you try asking your own immune system to make antibodies to the things that are harmful, as I have learned to do, because there are a number of protocols that need doing in addition to it. I am saying, however, that I have an upgraded immune system, learned in a holistic class, that I know protects me. Sounds crazy, but is true.

Please keep an open mind. Reading Bruce Liption’s The Biology of Belief offers more information about who we really are….And there are innumerable sources now for reading up on quantum physics, the basis of the seemingly odd notions of holistic health. Our current medical model is based on Newtonian reductionist science, for what it is worth to mention here.

Now, what you can do for starters is to thump your thymus to boost your immune system and rub your K27s to unblock the stuck energy that makes you susceptible to illness. Guess I will need a vlog soon to demonstrate. Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine has great drawings that show you that the thymus is under your breastbone, and the K27 acupoints are just below the collar bone. I am not expecting any reader to actually do this yet, so I guess I will also need to get out there teaching this amazing stuff … that works. Please, as I say, keep an open mind. We are all more incredible than most of us realize.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman