As I was in my files this morning, the details for the 2006 Psychotronics Association annual conference popped out of a to be filed folder, prompting me to check out this year’s venue and reminding me that I was a speaker there with every intention of attending each year. For various reasons, I have not returned, but my interest in many of the topics I first was introduced to has never waned.

The memories of the first conference in 2005 flooded back to me. Although I seldom forget where I get my introduction to a particular topic, the number of new ideas and scientific presentations that expanded my horizons at that conference have since become such an integral part of my perspective that I can forget to acknowledge the people who first brought me the research findings.

I often forget to mention Norm Shealy when I am speaking about the prospect of living healthily to 140, that to me seems a normal expectation. Please learn his name: this retired physician has made a second career of telling the world – often as a keynote speaker – about how to live healthily to a biblical age. I met him years ago – I not only heard him and talked to him at the conference where he was speaking, but also flew part way home with him, by coincidence, and was in his dynamic presence for several hours.

Since attending Psychotronics some years ago, the Internet has become a wonderrful University of the Air, and the need to attend conferences to learn about new discoveries and expand our minds has somewhat diminished. I still go to conferences when I can, for the excitement and the networking. But I am also happy researching online, especially because of Youtube, that brings me face to face again with people I have met and whose information changed my life.

So it was with Norm Shealy. You can visit these days for links to his videos, books and extensive website. Norm Shealy is a pioneer in the science of aging well. He advocates a number of straightforward things to do that should enable us to live not to 78 but to 140. This retired physician, who travels and lectures extensively, has an energy level many 50 year olds might envy.

One of his points has to do with exercise. His research demonstrates the benefits of bouncing – that is popularized as rebounding – for stimulating the lymphatic system; if everyone bounced, as he says, for 3 minutes of every waking hour, they would dramatically increase their health. He also advocates making sure we have enough magnesium (the mineral from green leafy things) and something called DHEA. You can find out more of that on his website. A nice introduction to him is on youtube, of course, where you can kind of start with him and then migrate through other clips with similar themes.

In the same batch that appeared with the views into the lovely ranch home and life of Norm Shealy, were a series related to the importance of removing the mercury amalgams from your mouth and avoiding root canals. The video I liked the best is the one by researchers at the University of Calgary with the live electron microscope view of neurons (animal brains) being exposed to mercury. Short story: get those amalgams removed. There is a “ton” of information today on the impact of mercury on the body. As explained clearly by a Dr. Rota, the neuron tissue damage shows up in each part of the body as a different disease, from depression to multiple sclerosis. Get it out!

If you need a holistic dentist – just for this part – find one through any natural health association. Your body and brain will thank you. I can guarantee that you will be happier and healthier once this step is done. Expensive, you say? Not compared to the alternative.

Please try to remember that what seems new and controversial to you may have been basic knowledge for several decades of researchers. You just have not heard of it. As a natural health practitioner, I know that education only leads to change when the time is right. There is no urgency, of course, if you plan on living to 140.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman