Okay, so this may not actually go on this blog… but I have to chuck the little newspaper item that I clipped a while back out, since I am following a new routine of decluttering and organizing to free up my energy for goal setting and generally moving forward. Which is why if I note this here, I can throw this little item out. It caught my eye in a local newspaper (in French) the Journal de Montreal, April 23, 2010.

The title of the article was “Three lost weeks a month”, about a public service employee caught surfing the internet instead of working for the provincial health department, virtually all day long. Our health services in the province are in a somewhat sorry state, but obviously understaffing is not the only problem.

Seems this person (in fairness, dating from 2008, since now there surely are better controls) was on every kind of internet site without realizing that he could be tracked. Yes, he. In a month, he racked up: 43 hours 27 minutes watching videos online, 29 hours 32 minutes surfing, 26 hours 20 minutes reading information online, and 21 hours playing internet games, 3 hours 28 minutes on dating sites, 2 hours 33 minutes on discussion forums, 2 hours on entertainment sites and 30 minutes on shopping sites.

All this on taxpayers’ dollars, about which I am not surprised, since for those of you who are not aware, we taxpayers have a lot to support: we are, in Quebec, the highest taxed state or province in North America, with over a third of even the most measly income going to support our bureaucrats. I do see why.

So if you are spending 188 hours on non-revenue activities on the internet per month, I suggest you get a job. Oh, just a moment, I suppose you already have one.

I, on the other hand, try to get onto the computer and then off, and not spend all my time in front of the screen, since I am aware of all the research on the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) generated by computers that are not, in the long run, good for humans or animals. Insects love ’em, however, it seems…

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman