Returning from a conference is always a great time for me to approach topics that slide away during my more “Three-D” life here at home. What I sometimes fail to integrate – note I did not say realize – is the fact my continuously evolving world in some ways distances me more and more from my immediate neighbors, although they are unaware of it. When I hear someone say, “I have a headache”, I immediately think of what we learn to do – in many different ways – to manage our own health. Oops. That is something that I do that my neighbors do not. Hence, step number one to conscious living: Understand that you have more power to help yourself, your physical self, than you know. For a headache, you see, there are many energetic and holistic remedies to stop us complaining. You can calm your liver down, energetically or through what you eat and do not eat; you can tap your meridian points to dissipate the blocked ‘rising yang’. You don’t need me – except to help you think of different ways or to teach them – and you do not need a pill or a doctor.

Here is another thing – when someone says “I feel so spacey today!”, I think to myself, so did I a few hours ago, but it’s easy to bring your energy in and start focusing on what you need to do. Not by thinking, but by using a few simple brain gym techniques or a Donna Eden energy technique. Simple, I think. But if I were to say, “Here, let me show you what you can do”, then I am being intrusive, and not helpful. People love me at the conferences, where I am known as an intuitive and healer. People shun me here if I open up. Sigh. Guess I need to review the boundaries course and do a little more tapping on the compulsive helper thing. Seriously, it is not an issue, as I say, when I am in my milieu at a conference! Hence step number two: understand that you are an energy being, connected to the universe, to the earth and to all your fellow beings, people, plants and animals. Your personal energy field opens doors to adjusting things that make you uncomfortable or less than joyful.

How about this: no complaining. You heard me, no complaining. If you don’t like the way something is, do something to change yourself or change your situation. Period. It does you harm – not does you ‘no good’ as we are used to hearing – it does you harm in a myriad of ways to complain. You are reinforcing the negative situations, and you will bring in (you will receive) more of same. More things to complain about. What you focus on, grows. Step number four: understand the simple principle of “what you focus on, grows”. You want to be happy? Find the small things that make you happy. And bring in more!

And then, well, then there is a biggie, here. Conscious living involves my step number five, something called trust in the universe. If you trust that the universe will bring you good things, it will. (Okay, I heard the thoughts about the floods, war, and other disasters that affect huge swaths of humanity. More about that another time. But here, this is for you, the North American human being. Trust in the universe to bring you what you need.

Step six: connect to the unseen world around you – to the world of angels, guides, ascended masters and pantheon of Greek gods, Roman gods, Norse gods, Hindu gods. No, I am not preaching a religious connection. I am simply saying that “they” are all out there. Egyptian gods too. There is a consciousness beyond the scope of human beings on earth. There just is. If you can connect to this idea, and reach out, good things happen in your life. This step to conscious living has been documented in mythology, literature, all the poets, everyone who felt a presence that science could not prove, that moved them in some way.

Step seven: start using the connection to the unseen world and make a phone call yourself… Hello. I know you are there. I need help with something.

When I begin writing a blog entry, I often do not have an idea of where I am going, or going to finish up. I have a thought, and an urge to write. But that is it. I am used to letting my “writing guides” and other spiritual guides take over, and tell me what I need to be telling human beings. Some of you dismiss all this – and me – putting it on the high discomfort factor, please avoid me I will avoid you category, and yoiks let’s not invite her to our gatherings. That is alright, and possibly, for now, as it should be. I am learning what human beings like to be told, can understand in a short period of time, and how, eventually, to spread my message of conscious living. It’s all okay. Thank you guides, for helping me work through this today. And thank you guides, for bringing me what makes me joyful and fulfilled. And thank you guides, for supporting me, financially, spiritually, emotionally and professionally. If I forgot anything, please forgive me. I am sure you will help me get it right the next time. The truth will out, as the saying goes. I have it on good information that we are entering a new age of absolute truth, where the old superstitions become confirmed or dispelled, and the books of ancient religions will all be rewritten. That, however, is another topic altogether.

And so I leave you with this humble entry today, with gratitude,

Wellness Woman