A powerful technique

Logosynthesis is a powerful technique you can use when you are next confronted with a challenge or emotional upset. Developed by Willem Lammers, Logosynthesis opens us to an entirely new way of looking at ourselves and our emotions and offers a completely different perspective on our reactions to normal events. Energy Psychology is the source discipline that has given us many different techniques including tapping, a technique that is gaining in use even at the primary school level, properly called Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Logosynthesis is an Energy Psychology technique that I love to use with any kind of learning difficulties. It is powerful, easy to use, and hugely effective. I personally love Logosynthesis because it is thoughtful as well as instructive about how human emotions can be explored and tamed in a safe setting.This new system of self-coaching and guided change developed from the field of Energy Psychology is a wonderful technique for creating instantaneous shifts. Virtually anyone can learn to use this non-invasive and powerful system, although specific training is of course recommended. Here are the basic tenets of the system.

Without going into the theoretical principles, the technique uses the wisdom of the body and the concepts related to energetic thought fields. Like other techniques from Energy Psychology, it involves three main steps:
a) identifying an issue or problem (e.g. feeling nervous about an upcoming job presentation, interview, deadline);
b) tuning into the issue (just enough to explore briefly the physical sensations that crop up when we think of the issue, without going too deeply into them) and rating what is called the distress level on a scale from one to ten, where ten is very disturbing;
c) using a technique to reduce the distress.

How to apply Logosynthesis – the sentences

Here is some help with the third step (in this case, Logosynthesis, or statements said aloud) and a short example. Let’s say you feel some sort of anxiety before meeting with a boss, strangers, or even family. Using your imagination, sense where you feel the anxiety. Ask yourself whether there is a person involved, and where they are and whether you sense, see or hear them. Your subconscious readily and easily provides you with answers – this is the amazing part. It just does. (What you think you may be making up, or imagining, comes from your vast subconscious mind). Logosynthesis teaches us very specifically to say the following three sentences, one by one, and just tune into the sensations between each sentence.

Sentence one: ‘I retrieve all my energy bound up in [this scene you imagine] and bring it back to its rightful place within myself’.

Sentence two: ‘I remove all non-me energy related to [this scene you imagine] from all my cells, from my body and from my personal space and I send it back to wherever it may belong’.

Sentence three: ‘I retrieve all my energy that is bound up in all my reactions to [this scene you imagine] and bring it back to its rightful place within myself’.

You may want to check out a website called Logosynthesis.net for more information. From the fascinating world of Energy Psychology that I have been studying for more than six years now, come many great techniques for creating dramatic change in the emotional and competency landscape. Everyone benefits from Energy Psychology, whatever technique they learn!