A Cure for the Afternoon Blahs

Oh! I should apologize to all of you reading the topic and thinking you are getting information about the latest free-trade coffee flavors. The knee-jerk reaction for much of the western world does, however, usually involve getting a coffee when you are feeling drowsy or starting on a long drive. That is not what this is about!

I haven’t looked up the statistics about coffee consumption lately – but I know the per capita consumption is off the charts, compared to even a decade ago. There are lots of reasons for this. We are in the era – as you may have heard me say in the past – not of homo sapiens, wise man, but the era of homo mercenariens, marketing man (from the Latin merces, meaning price or payment).

Our wonderful television mothers have taught us to think that what we are sold is better than what our grandmothers were told. That is all another story, but does account for a good deal of our health and angst problems today. The excess coffee, among other habits, I mean. Do not get me wrong, though, I am not crusading against anything or anyone – the story of my truncated nutrition career is for another day! I am however simply offering solutions to feeling drowsy or needing to stay alert from a source other than sugar and caffeine down the hatch!

When you are feeling drowsy, or having trouble taking in information, there are simple things you can do to get your energy moving. Now, let me briefly explain that most of what ails us, from catching cold to getting drowsy during the day to depression, even, has to do with blocked energy channels. I can’t go into that today, because I want to offer an energetic cup of coffee, as it were. So here is how you can unblock those energy channels anywhere and anytime, without spending a dime or heading to the gym or yoga studio. (Okay – we all benefit from both of those, too, but you can’t always plan where you get drowsy or, in my case, overwhelmed or ungrounded!)

Energy Psychology Works – Using Energy Medicine

In order to release trapped energy so that it can flow through you, refreshing the entire body and brain, you can use Energy Psychology. Specifically, you can quickly learn Donna Eden’s three centering postures. Donna is on to a kind of standing yoga, that anyone can do anytime, and that is called Energy Medicine. As I find myself repeating, Energy Medicine is incredibly powerful, useful, practical and helpful.

The techniques you need for grounding and centering are known under the names of Separating Heaven and Earth, where you stretch one hand up and the other down, The Three Thumps, that involves massaging or tapping points on the chest, and the Wayne Cook posture, the strange cross-over posture that is my favorite because it is so hugely effective in all kinds of situations. (Maybe there is a career in teaching standing yoga for businesses?)

Anyway, these are the three that will help for those afternoon blahs. Now that you know, I would be happy to teach them. Stay tuned, please, for another time. If you want to look them up, you have the names, but if you want me to tell you, I am pleased to do so! Stay tuned!

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman