Separating Heaven and Earth

I first taught Separating Heaven and Earth to a class in Vermont in 2006. It is also a way of connecting to the universe – and people sometimes have a sensation of feeling or touching other dimensions. Enjoy that thought as you do the moves…

Here is what Separating Heaven and Earth does: activates spleen and turns on your triple warmer to activate the strange flows, moving off excess and blocked energy and bringing fresh oxygen to the cells. Moving off toxic energies could be enough to get you interested, when you know the effects of that!

Most people tend to accumulate too much blocked energy, and we need to empty this energetic sludge. It exists in variations from other countries, including India, China and Egypt where for millennia the knowledge of the energetic field was as universal as today the knowledge that oxygen is necessary for life. It just was, without being technologically proven, accepted by everyone. And the knowledge of how to move those fields was also known, taught and sometimes kept secret. But through the generations, people everywhere were taught what to do to be healthier and even more powerful.

How to Turn on Your Strange Flows

This posture moves your energy, specifically what is called in Traditional Chines Medicine the Strange Flows.

Start with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and inhale deeply through your nose. Bring your arms up, circle them out and then have your hands meet at chest level. Touch your fingers in a cathedral position, and exhale.

Deeply inhale again and stretch one hand up as you stretch the other down, flattening your hand back, as if pushing against something. Hold this position, breathing deeply.

Release your breath and return your hands to the cathedral position, and then repeat, switching your arms. You may repeat this several times.

Ending the posture, allow yourself to relax and your hand to come down, folding your body at the waist with your knees slightly bent, taking two deep breaths.

Return to a standing position, with a backward roll of the shoulders.

Enjoy! Try it! Now?

Yours in health,