Help for the nerves from Energy Medicine

Even if you are not a busy, travelling consultant, situations arise where you are tired, the adrenaline has been racing, and something just does not go right. Missing a plane is just an event. It can be overwhelming when the next one is at 12.05 and your time management skills are maxed out. A 2 a.m. arrival home is not going to help your busy debriefing day, especially around 2 p.m. when the meeting starts and your fatigue kicks in.

So there is help. We actually need less sleep, less caffeine and less rest when we keep our bodies’ energy field humming smoothly. Remember how when on vacation somewhere, you can stay out late and still feel great going snorkeling the next day, ready to dance the next evening despite the scarce sleeping hours? Your energy field stays refreshed with salt water and few electro-magnetic field disturbances. Back to the reality of Western life: we are stressed, bombarded by emfs and always on the alert for more emails. Here is what you can do to help.

The Wayne Cook Posture – done anywhere, almost, in its minimalist version
Named for a pioneer researcher of bioenergetic force fields, this lovely strange posture weaves your energy channels or meridians across each other, providing deep and instantaneous restoration of the frazzled and frayed nerves. Stress is not a psychological response: it is a physiological cascade of reactions that have an impact throughout the body. So this weaving of our energy field calms down the physiological cascade and restores us to beach-front calm. My version is learned from Donna Eden.

Here is the full version:

Sitting, place your right foot over the opposite knee, so that the ankle is reachable. Wrap your left hand around the ankle; then place the other hand over top and around the ball of the right foot. You are making a series of x’s through your wrists and ankles that are the channels for many of the body’s energy lines.

You are already on the road to calming chaos, thinking more clearly, focusing your mind better. (How you do this on a plane – see below!)

Next, breathe in slowly through your nose, and let the breath lift your body. Pull your leg towards you gently, creating a small stretch. Next, exhale, breathing out of your mouth, slowly relaxing your body as you do.

Do this about five times. If you could see it, your entire energy field is regaining something called coherence, and the static that causes fatigue, confusion and disorientation is abating.

Now switch to the other foot and do the same thing, with the same breathing.

Finally, uncross your legs and place your fingertips in a pyramid shape, with your thumbs resting just above the bridge of the nose. Breathe slowly in through your noses. Then breathe out through your mouth, as you separate the thumbs pulling gently sideways, stretching the skin.

End with returning your thumbs to the pyramid position and bringing your hands down in front of you to a prayerful position, deeply breathing.

Okay!!! So how am I going to learn that and do it in public? Believe me, no one cared less about what I was doing in the airport at 11.30 at night…. But I do understand. That is the full routine from Donna Eden.

Here is a minimalist position you can do almost anywhere

You can shorten and simplify it, once you get the picture of what you are doing. You can try the simpler version, that goes like this:

Cross your ankles, left over right. Put your wrists together, in front of you and cross the right hand over left, twisting your hands and arms to form a ‘church and steeple’ we learned as children, bringing your hands up in front of your chest.

Now your ankles are crossed and your wrists are crossed together. Sitting quietly, breathe in with your tongue touching the top of your teeth, and out with the tongue pressed to the bottom of your mouth. Do this for ninety seconds.

The effect will be similar. You will feel calmer, and more grounded and focused. You finish when you are ready with your hands in a prayerful position, fingertips touching, in front of your chest.

I do know that this sounds strange. But there was a time when I was working so hard with physical challenges beginning to emerge that I had to learn how to heal myself in order to be of service again.

You are all incredible beings. The stress makes us all a little less coherent, energetically speaking. I seem to have a mission to let everyone know that we are much more than our public face. Each one of us is here to help in someway.

When you appreciate all of who you really are, you may start to want to look after all of yourself in earnest so that you can help the world be a better place.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman