It may come as a surprise to learn that dreamers and thinkers may also be, like me, hugely gregarious. In fact there are many of us, in the real world, who have this combination of other-directedness and inward life, as I was made aware recently at a gathering of trainers, coaches, authors and speakers. A large hall filled with extraverted thinkers – now there’s a concept! I was, as you might imagine, very much at home.

The fact that I am also a sensitive, who Rue Hass says are almost always very introverted, makes my life somewhat complicated – but hey! pretty interesting – in large gatherings. My career path as a focus group moderator and my passion for all things energy have accentuated my love of people and my intuitive abilities.

The similarities between qualitative researchers who love conducting focus groups and trainer–facilitators who love teaching and helping others stem in part from the common way they have learned to access both sides of the brain.

There was a flurry of interest when the concept of whole brain thinking began to make its way into mainstream bookstores, back in the days (a decade ago) when information was largely disseminated that way. Whole brain thinking does allow us to make connections between ideas and ways of perceiving that are the hallmarks of creative thinkers.

The subject of thinking outside the box, even beyond using whole brain strategies, was reinforced this past week when I threw myself, as I sometimes do, into a group of strangers who are in some ways more like me than many other groups. I really do think outside the box, not because of anything special, really, except for the concepts I have been exposed to that others may have not.

The paradigm shift has to do with viewing everything from the standpoint of a multi-layered energetic being. We are all way more than the Newtonian mechanistic model of a collection of physiological systems. The era of quantum is about to hit mainstream thinking, so we have been informed. When people making seven figure incomes tell me something, I usually listen up. Mainstream, eh?

Quantum is going mainstream? The energetic world has been my daily fare for six years. Guess I can come out of the closet with that, now! Stay tuned for more ways that quantum thinking can help catapult you to better health and happiness. What we can imagine, we can create.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman