I can’t imagine any of you are worrying about the effects of our electronic devices on your electromagnetic field, this biofield that keeps you together, in health. But there are in fact many reasons why you could be thinking about finding out a little more.

I can remember my mother telling me that post-war doctors told her and others to start smoking, because it was good for the nerves. They sent tons of cigarettes to the front during WWII precisely for that purpose – to calm nerves. Without meaning to be disrespectful, a cynical side of me has to add: just in case there was anyone who was not already smoking and needed to try it out. What I mean is, loving and being addicted to something doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for us. Okay, I hear you, though; we do need our BlackBerries, or our iPhones.

So here are a couple of things you can do – to have your cake and eat it too – about the noxious effects of all this electronic gizmo guzzling that we are all addicted to. Seriously – if you still know people who are not tied to their electronic devices, they possibly have a revenue stream tied to something totally different than … than money, is the only thing that comes to mind! Most of us do need our connections. We have to stay connected; it is modern business culture. So here are some things to think about.

First, you can protect yourself from your computer’s EMF fields, which have been linked to nasty things going awry in the human body. There are little devices you can put on the computer that will diminish the effect of the magnetic fields on your own, personal electromagnetic biofield. They are not expensive and you just stick them on. Too long a discussion about why it is important and what is involved. Just do it. We are an electromagnetic field – and our health, or the coherence of our cellular processes, depends on the integrity of our field. The integrity of our biofield, to distinguish it from other electromagnetic fields.

Second, you can do the same for your phone device. Just attach a little EMF protector. They are often wafer-thin precious metal disks that are embedded with frequencies that are protective. No, not going to explain this much either. Just want to say here and now that it is important.

Third, take periodic breaks, from electronics. You know how tired you can feel after flying – the kind of spacey frazzledness we experience as jetlag? A lot of that fatigue is due to our energies being scrambled because of the extent of the huge EMF field generated by all that flying machine equipment. If hair dryers have the ability to mess up our fields, which they do, just imagine what jet engines do! Well, don’t imagine, if you don’t want to. But take a break when you can – not in mid-air – I mean move back from your computer. Go hug a tree. (Now that really helps, as documented back to Booker Washington in The Secret life of Plants, on my library shelf…)

Fourth, wear an energetic field protector, yourself. These things make a stunning difference to people who have developed extra sensitivity to EMF waves. The short story is that these little necklace things create frequencies that counter the harmful EMF waves.

When I started writing today, I didn`t know that I was headed in this direction. I started talking about staying in one piece on the road. All of the above help.

What do you do, though, when you have access to none of the above? (And you literally cannot get out of the EMF field?) You use Energy Medicine, that`s what.

It`s like pushing a reset button on your computer. You can manually bring your field back into balance, in other words, using acupressure on yourself and some breathing. If you could see it, the slowed down and blocked field starts humming again.

I have written a lot about some of the ways to re-energize yourself that work in this situation too. But do look into those devices. You can ask my friend Werner Brandmaier through his website related to EMFs – he is a pretty knowledgeable guy about all these things and a most magical source of answers to questions.

So yes, there is a whole world out there that we do not see.

Let me leave you with a little fact that may have you sitting up in your chair. There is a frequency to our cellular physiology, a very specific frequency that is 360 nanohertz. This is fact. If you mess up the frequency badly, for a long time, the cellular activity becomes chaotic. Then we have different types of disease take hold, one of them a pretty prominent one in the 21st century. If you take damaged cells and subject them to this life-giving healthy frequency, they – guess what – repair themselves, like a scab forms naturally over a small cut without our needing to do anything else. So all this mumbo-jumbo about devices and EMFs is a pretty science-based thing. And you heard all this here.

Keep your frequencies humming. Yours in health,

Wellness Woman