I invite you to think about how a baby develops from the joining of two sets of genetic material into a tiny, growing embryo.

We know about the scientific part, about the way at each stage the cells develop into more and more complex systems that eventually and ‘almost miraculously’ become a human baby. I don’t know what is ‘almost’ about it all.

The earliest stages of development of the embryo, though, involve a process of something called self-organization of the cells – where seemingly entirely similar cells begin to take on different functions and eventually every highly differentiated system and process in the body. Miracle indeed.

Scientists know about how cells differentiate, in other words. But few of the biochemists who study this ask the ‘real question’. The question of how the cells ‘know’ what to do.

This is right at the intersection of biology and consciousness. Some force is at work. We could turn to the energetic blueprint information, the one that includes the meridians; we could turn to the work of Rupert Sheldrake, too , whose hypothesis of formative causation and the morphic field has shaped the thinking of a generation of ‘field’ scientists. More about the ‘field’ another time.

Uh oh. Have to go meet the demands of the real world just now.

I hope you enjoy thinking about this. You won’t find the anwers easily over the internet, though, although you will find most of the biology and the biochemisty.

Yours in health,

Wellness Woman