Pay attention to what you are drawn to do today, this first day of 2011, this 01/01/11.

As a writer, the quiet time that follows a busy social schedule are precious to me. The rhythm of busy-ness followed by intentional calm moments to contemplate and write are vital to my sense of balance.

Today, in this in-between moment, I am consciously listening to where my energies need to be focused. Not in the busy holiday plans, but purposefully, in the quiet, where I can devote time to listening. Our inner, perfect wisdom can speak to us during these times of quiet. It helps us reframe our small A agenda experiences – both the eureka moments, happy moments, as well as the slights, misunderstandings and discouragements – within a meaningful larger A agenda context, embracing our full perfect self and moving us closer to peace and enlightenment.

A new direction is opening up for me, once again. I have been drawn ever closer to the world of my future, as it manifests before me. The universe is extending its hand, inviting me to step out of my current world-view and to heal all the diverse parts of my multi-dimensional self. I often speak of my intuition, that serves me well and opens me to examine those areas where healing has yet to take place. The expression make God laugh by making plans is common to many cultures. As Kryon teaches us, look to what we need for the day, and allow the rest to follow. I think, though, that this refers to listening to our inner voice and understanding the momentum and sense of purpose that comes as we gain access to higher frequencies and more subtle information. We become driven, but by our inner compass, and not by external pressures.

I am trying to say and not to say at the same time that this intuitive side of me, the part that wants me to move forward in service to others, to heal trauma within myself so that I can be of service, is calling to me strongly. Where I am drawn on this day of quiet is clearly to where my own guides want me to be: in the work related to my healing practice. For the world, this is a counseling practice, where grief and trauma can be released with new techniques that are more powerful than any we have seen before. I am especially drawn to the world of energy psychology, as you can see, but in particular to the work of two men, Willem Lammers and Brent Baum, whose techniques I am beginning to apply with emphatic success. To Willem Lammers I am grateful for providing the words that explain to me and to others what goes on within us when we experience apprehension or blocks of any kind; to Brent Baum I am grateful for showing me that the process of healing can be couched in ways that are accessible to anyone, explained within the context of traumatic induction and dealt with in a manner that makes sense and is profoundly life changing.

Today I have picked up my copy of Brent Baum’s Living as Light and am surprised as I read how much of what he writes is familiar territory to me. He speaks of his intuitive abilities as a result of genetic heritage and as being trauma-based originally, and his experience, like my own, was that the messages and visions came through loud and clear as the noise and static of his own personal traumas abated with healing. He speaks in particular about the way the higher mind, the holographic mind in his terminology, perceives multidimensionality accurately and reliably, once the traumas in the way are cleared. This was my own experience too. He talks about how this holographic mind speaks to us through our intuitive voice, beyond the confines of our usual senses. How do we know about events that happen, their history, and even what may come to pass? All is there, in the All that Is. Why would anyone not like to have access to the higher frequencies and subtle information that allow us to do so? And yet, as a culture, most of us have been taught to mistrust and distrust this kind of information, and call those who do have access ungrounded and flakey.

The new quantum physics teaches us that we can observe, and by observation create; that we can create and in fact do create our realities; that we can navigate seamlessly between the mind and the matter that is manifested in our own bodies from our own consciousness; that our creative power, in all its meanings, is affected by the presence of trauma in our subconscious minds; that we can instantly heal, and instantly experience a shift that is palpable and tangible, changing our perspective instantly. Problems dissolve. The situation may be the same, but is no longer a worry, concern or sometimes not even recalled. This is the power of our quantum minds.

A passage I have read in many different sources, and that I would like to share with you here is part of my wish for you all in this new year. Once we cease trying to restrict our abilities for fear of condemnation or rejection from others, a new world opens up. I therefore invite you all to find a safe place and a safe environment in which to experience your true self in its fullest. Opening to your intuition may also require healing of deep-seated traumas you are scarcely aware of. I invite you all to look to healing them in order to open the receiver to the voices of your higher self, your perfect inner wisdom. In a Quantum universe, anything is possible.

With love and gratitude,

Wellness Woman