There is immeasurable healing in the shifts of consciousness that are now occurring through our exploration of human healing potential.” Brent Baum

I hesitate to speak about the concept of trauma because people think of it as so, well, dramatic and serious. It is, and it isn’t. I learned long ago (eight years ago?) that finding the triggers that upset us is a cause for celebration, like going fishing for sunken treasure, because only then do we have the opportunity to heal them. Or heal the suckers, as one of my irreverent therapist friends would say.

We are all a small maelstrom of trauma, except for a few; we hide it, we get on with it; we pretend nothing is there. The serious stuff becomes hard to hide, though, and gets worse over time as I am sure I have said before. So

The potential of the new powerful psychology and healing techniques is huge: we can learn to quickly uncover things that have plagued us for decades, and then get rid of them, with a wonderful lightening and enlightening of spirit.

It is difficult for me to explain, as I travel this journey, just how aware I am and at the same time still frustrated with the healing that stubbornly eludes me. All I know is that there must be a lot of junk there for me still to be at it, after all this time! For I still am triggered by events that surprise me. Triggers, for those needing a definition, are indicators of hidden traumas and refer to events where we have a disproportionate reaction to the actual circumstance.

Where was I? I do ramble. Okay – so there is the potential for each of us to heal not only the triggers but the underlying trauma as never before. Any overwhelming life experience – typically lived in childhood and sometimes with no intent to cause harm of any kind – is stored in the cells and in the energetic field. It will trip us up in relationships and in any situation that brings back to us old wounding.

We have then an illusory sense of smallness, fear and diminished importance that interferes with any intimate or adult communication at a profound level. I watched Henry Grayson demonstrate an amazing therapeutic process in repairing relationship problems between two willing participants where he related and healed expressed problems between them using the new psychology and ‘non-local mind’ techniques. The process works through locating back in time to the childhood of each one the feelings experienced – or should I say re-experienced – in relationship as adults. Fascinating. When those early trauma experiences were healed, the adult relationship problems evaporated.

Holographic Memory Resolution deals with frozen energetic memories that interfere with present day life, locating and resolving them. I am right on schedule, as I head off to a training workshop with Brent Baum again. Right on schedule – as if by magic, I have developed a frozen left shoulder so painful that I can hardly move my head or lift a small bag. Right on schedule, as Brent would say. I am doing nothing about it today because I am in suspense and want to hear the full story that we will unravel together about what emotions, when and where this represents. Ouch! Sorry, just moved my head. Thank you universe, for the lovely case study homework I bring. And of course, as a little gift for Brent, I offer this plus a visible cold sore – that I get once in 10 years and never once since I began healing work six years ago. Just for Brent and the other participants, as I said. Right on schedule.

All is a perfect plan for our evolution, as Brent would say.

Wishing you an awesome experience in this dimension,

Wellness Woman