Manifesting abundance is less easy than it sounds – or more healers would be wealthy! Despite the best intentions, many of us have trouble manifesting what we want. Why?

We now know that 93% of our behaviours are determined by the subconscious where sadly are recorded all the good, the bad and the ugly over the years. This gets in the way of our good intentions.

Most exciting are the new ways of exploring and removing frozen energy that gets in the way of our abundance and fulfillment. We know a lot about the superconscious, about the quantum perspective and what we can do to bring in the energy of what we most desire. Dowsers have the potential for connection to all things. Let’s learn how to get into the driver’s seat.

We know so much more about our multi-layered mind that opens up amazing avenues for shifting energy, including the energy of abundance. It would be great to learn more about what we can do to remove some of that *!/%&*? from our subconscious and attract more of what we want!

That is just what I am about to do. And soon tell you more.

Yours in wisdom,

Wellness Woman