I’ve just had a brainwave! was an expression I heard as a child, first from my mother, and then from peers. I can’t think of the last time I heard anyone say such an old fashioned sounding thing. We have replaced it with duh! And ya think? And hang on a minute!

Brainwaves, though, are what are responsible for just about everything, it turns out. What we have learned though quantum physics is that the mind creates just about everything we perceive to be true in our human existence. The learning came from the observation of electrons, those tiny packets of energy at the sub-atomic level, by no means the smallest, but certainly small… The short story, which I understood more fully through the lovely prose of Bill Bryson, is that the whizzing electrons of our imaginations and cartoon images are everywhere at once; the everywhere at once only becomes ‘over here!’ when they are observed. In a more grown-up way of saying it, the potential of being physically present (still at the tiny atomic level) only becomes reality through the act of observation.

This is where we get the information related to ‘what you focus on, grows’. We are multi-dimensional all the time, you see, and manifest those parts we pay attention to. I know, it all sounds a little simplistic for the incredible way that things actually work. But as I have been saying all along, the world of non-fiction is just as unbelievable sounding as anything I have every read in fiction.

If we create our reality, then, through what we intend to create, why are we oh enlightened ones, sometimes so far behind the maybe not so enlightened ones in terms of what our lives look like? Do not tell me you know no holistic practitioners who are struggling with the physical aspects of living a fully financially realized life. Some notable exceptions are the Deepak Chopras of the world, who have a Western life and an inner life, it seems to me, that fully match each other. (What we see from afar on our televisions and through books, I mean).

The complication is that we need to be using our conscious and unconscious minds together, and the unconscious does what it is programmed to do. My personal theory also is that many so called holistic practitioners were drawn to do what they do through some early trauma they are trying to resolve and that manifests the non-success in their lives until they fix themselves up completely. Healer heal thyself is a long journey for some of us.

Stress and trauma are stored in the subconscious. If we create unconsciously from our unconscious intentions, as Gary Zukav explains to us, we get what has been sown. In my case, there are a lot of unintentional results – I think I have planted flowers I will be familiar with, but I end up with lovely, ah, weeds I have to find out about. The better we get at resolving traumas, the more results we see that we expect.

Here is the low-down on brainwaves: our inner light, about which I also speak a lot, sends a beam out to the universe, inviting all wonderful manifestations from source. Physics measures the waves we create in different states of activity. Delta waves (0.01-4 Hertz) are emitted during meditation or deep sleep; Theta (4-7 Hertz) are emitted in other states of wakefulness, and this is the range where traumatic memory seem to be lodged or encoded. Alpha (7-14) also stores encoded traumatic memories.

Our conscious awareness is typically in the Beta (14-21 Hertz) range, where we think we are doing all of our brainwork…

The good news is that if our dense trauma related energies and memories are carried in the Alpha-Theta brainwave range, and we know it, we can find ways to resolve and heal these troubled frequencies. I do not mean that we, literally, find ways, but I do mean that we can find gifted healers who have learned how to do this, instantaneously. For it is, after all, just energy.

All this is by way of explanation of the fact that some of us not only manifest less than we intended, at times of our lives, but also manifest exactly the opposite of what we intended. And at other times, the big Delta override seems to kick in and we manifest our conscious intentions, and much more.

I am intent to carry on with learning about how to resolve the emotions within our Alpha-Theta brainwave range for this to happen. My personal override kicks in when I ask for help, lots of it, from the other side. Let me finish with a quote from a big, bright white light helper, Kryon, who has told us to ask for big picture help: Do not ask for a rose, when you can have the whole bouquet.

The many sides of me manifested as I began connecting with the bright white light presence. The Alpha-Theta side of me is still sometimes confused!

Wishing you all a bouquet,

Wellness Woman