I just use this title because it sounds amusing and catches attention. It also conveys so clearly what happens at the subconscious level when we clear out the frozen traumatic memories of the distant past and the white light from the inner core begins to shine unfettered.

This past weekend was spent in the company of Brent Baum at one of his training seminars. Naturally I can say little about what actually happens, protecting confidentiality of everyone there, but I can say something about the nature of this gentle work that seems to just release whatever holds us back.

Here is what was explained to me about my own situation. As you know, I work pretty hard to make sure that my thoughts are positive, that I clear away as much negative energy as I know how, that I protect myself when I go to sleep (asking all and any negative energies to be converted to 100% pure light and to stay protected until my conscious mind kicks in again in the morning) and other things – all in an attempt to stay balanced and not trip the latch that sends me through the trapdoor into a trance state as it is called – a major mood swing that takes me ages (usually about an hour) to clamber back from. It happens at random moments, often when I am alone or when I hit a hypoglycemic blood dip.

What my own subconscious revealed this weekend were a series of little traumas that happened right around the moment of my birth. Now, I listened to Sandi Radomski talk about “ask and receive” on one of the EFT recordings and discussing the trauma that happens at birth that many people do not recover from. It all sounded so impossibly weird, even though I have done a week long training with her myself for the allergy elimination protocol, that I find myself skipping this track. I just don’t like to think that birth trauma – her work is about decision-making – causes so much stuff in our lives.

But I guess I have to bow before the idea that our very, very early experiences here on earth do have a big impact on our lives. As Brent worked on me, my own little traumas were revealed, and revealed clearly without any intense emotions. I was just watching a little movie. It was as significant and at the same time as easy as any healing work I have done. He expressed surprise that I had not worked with this before in my healing work on myself, but there you go, I guess it was just not time. In any case, now it seems it was time.

Funny thing, when you do the Memory Resolution work, you easily, really easily connect with the subconscious images. Brent says that his presence – and the hand that is placed near the dorsal horn, (C7), at the top of the spine where it connects to the neck – allows for pure white light to protect the subconscious and conveys a feeling of safety, so that the memories that have been hidden can surface.

Whatever the mechanism, there I am sitting in a chair in front of ten other people viewing as clear as a bell the memory of being on my way out to be born. Seriously. Really clear, and not traumatic. I realize that I am not too keen on being born at all, and kind of want to go the other way. I even manage from my conscious mind I guess to make a joke of it. It is true, I do know, not told by my parents but learned much later in life, that I was a forceps birth and possibly too heavily anesthetized along with my mother. In any case, no gory details, just a mild interest as I travel back in time. The memory just comes up, you see, when it is time to heal it. Brent refers to the moment of T minus one (T-1) where you realize, just a millisecond before it happens, the uh oh event that is about to affect you for the rest of your life, it seems. The tiny moment before someone is in an accident, that protects the psyche from the dreadful moments about to happen. That is our wise self protecting us, but that is also the cause of all kinds of trouble later in life.

One of the things I did as I began to work with Brent was borrowed from my training elsewhere: I asked my guidance team to help me work on the highest priority for the highest good of all, which is how we learned to phrase help requests. The end result was that I was able to reframe and resolve this early frozen memory that has never come up before for healing in all the work I have done on myself.

Whatever we ended up accomplishing, in those brief and not traumatic ten minutes, seems to be having an effect on me this week. I feel different, and sense an energy shift at a profound level. I will let you know more as things develop.

The Batman reference is to the blot or smudge in your own subconscious that blocks a part of your inner white light shining forth and affects what manifests here on earth for you. I seem to have one smudge less.

Of course my life is changing; it is always changing. But I have a sense that I am going to be more in the right story and not the wrong story , with a nod to Stephen Sondheim, for the next little while.

Yours in light,

Wellness Woman