As I try to step back from the fringe of the strange – the mid-air perspective that healers sometimes have of the wonderful things that we can do and that are possible for anyone to do, given a little training – I am learning to give my texts titles that are used in the normal world of therapy. Hence equine therapy, which a few months ago I would have simply called horses are healers. But today I can legitimize this writing with an entry about the topic of equine therapy, which is a recognized modality for dealing with trauma victims.

The little I know about it – the conventional side of it, that is – was learned this weekend. At a healing center in the southwest United States, equine therapy is used to help patients heal from deep abuse and trauma of all kinds. The horse, I am told, only responds to humans when they are in the here and now. It is a kind of huge biofeedback loop of a kind, where an individual begins to recognize when they are ‘here’ and when they are in traumatized trance, the spacey out of body experience we move in and out of all the time but which causes problems when it has become the norm. or something like that.

Not having had much chance to research, I don’t know yet. But my own information about horses is at once congruent and different, for I know that horses are great big multidimensional healers. And not in a figurative sense, but in a real sense. In the international healing group I have belonged to for some time now, there are humans from Hawaii to New Zealand; there are also several dogs and one – you guessed it – horse. We have learned to call upon the healing powers of other worldly beings for help, and at times we are guided to call upon the horse for something specific. Go figure, as I have to say, for the explanation and the history is too long for here. Just wanted to let you know that horses are special, very special.

Anyone who deals with them much already knows this. What they do not know, and what I want to say, is that horses have lots of information as well as healing powers. So you can learn if you have not already done so, how to channel from a horse. My friend Russell from New Zealand is a particularly receptive channel, and amuses us with the odd things he is told by horses and dogs, all the time.

As they have said to Russell, just because they bark/neigh and eat and poop does not mean that they are not amazing multidimensional beings here on earth to help and keep company with humans. Don’t take it from me, as I like to say. Go find out for yourself. You need a graphite pencil and peace and quiet near your favorite friend. You will find the voice very distinctive and sometimes amusing. Really. This is true.

Yours in connection to all life,

Wellness Woman