Today with the sunshine, I am feeling right side up after the snow plows clear the snow and the weather eases up a little. This is one easy to please human being, I think to myself. After a few days of yikes, a single sunny day with no shoveling woes is enough to make me pretty happy again, about the streets and the weather, I mean.

The challenging side of life for me is often the dealing with the day to day things, and how to blend my multidimensional way of looking at the world with what happens to me slipping and sliding up the street. (I suppose I am still trying figure out who I am, exactly. The writing helps. Glad I am hearing that the reading of these posts is interesting, too. I would encourage all of you to write, blog or not, because of the power of words, writing, and expressing ourselves in creating our lives). The other day I was reminded about how goal setting is important, but how writing down the goals and reviewing them is even more important. This is the business side of me – that loves the motivation and the goal setting literature, and the Stephen Covey principle centered leadership. I read and listen with a foot and an ear somewhere else, though, sometimes, because of my strange collection of information.

Pretty sure I haven’t mentioned a woman named Jean Slatter, who wrote a little book called Hiring the Heavens. I heard her speak and bought the book. The concept is a simple one: ask. Ask the universe for help with all kinds of things. Jean’s terminology for those who help is our spiritual committee. I of course all too often forget to ask unless I am with my friends who remind me just as I remind them to ask. Ask? Ask who? You may be wondering.

Let’s take a quick example. Imagine you are about to write an exam. You have studied as much as you can. You have set your intention on passing the exam to achieve a specific step towards a goal. Fine. What else can you do? When you go into write that exam, you can make sure, first of all, that your own energy is running smoothly, so you can do some of the Donna Eden stuff: you can rub your K27’s, for example, and thump your thymus to bring your kidney meridians into balance. Then you can do some of the brain gym stuff: you can do a few mental lazy eights, the infinity sign, to align your left and right brain. You can calm yourself down if you feel nervous by doing a little tapping, too, just maybe on your thymus or collar bone. All these things help the human parts of you be at your best for writing this exam. What are we forgetting? Anyone? (I am smiling as I remember an old teacher). So then, you ask your spiritual committee for help. You can say something simple like: angels, please help. Or guides, please help. Or spiritual committee, please help. This will bring in all the universal knowledge that you know you know, related to what you are about to do, and make it available to you for the exam.

Naturally, it does help if you are in the habit of communicating with your spiritual committee on a regular basis, and not just in cases of need or emergency. A little gratitude helps, too. I hear some of you thinking, but why would we bother our spiritual helpers for something so unimportant as this?

Here is my personal take on things. Imagine something that might be called angel television. Imagine your angels and everyone else’s angels watching, on this old black and white screen, as you make yet another mistake because you didn’t ask for help. Pulling their hair and getting excited the way humans do when they watch sports on television. Oh no! not like that! Your committee really loves to help you out, but most of the time universal law prevents them from doing anything unless they are asked. So what is the harm in asking? Try it.

My personal experiences are often so dramatic when I ask for help, I have no doubt of the power of asking. So I am still a little skeptical about the goal setting and the planning stuff, because I have learned not to be too specific about what I want to allow the spiritual folks to get involved in what happens. I am often inspired and get information, as you know, during the early morning or when I am connected to spiritual friends. So I get the planning, but I also get the asking part.

Honestly, I never know where my thoughts are going to go when I start to write! My guides laugh at me when I make a plan. Of this I am certain.

Yours in wonder,

Wellness Woman