So I woke up this morning wondering what I had written yesterday in my amused-with-myself frame of mind, feeling a little guilty about talking about my reaction to unfocused energy instead of letting you know what we can do about it – or even, actually, what it is. So before I make scrambled eggs this Sunday morning, let me say a few things about scrambled energy.

First, scrambled energy is at the root of all kinds of mild dysfunction. Here are a couple of great examples straight from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, of which I have two copies, like my very favorite books, so that one sometimes has light penciling in the margin and the other is beautifully pristine as though I am hoping it will be worth thousands of dollars in a hundred years.

This may be a long post – some days I can’t help it!

Like an electrical circuit board, the energy circuits of our body need to be wired and connected properly to run smoothly. Stress in our lives plays havoc with these circuits. Sudden stress causes the limbic brain (the reptilian emotional brain) to take over from the forebrain, resulting in those lovely moments of your life that you wish you could take back – the not-so-wonderful responses to events where your behavior is, you guessed it, completely irrational.

The circuits between the autonomic nervous system, the source of our automatic reactions, and the thinking forebrain that is supposed to govern our thinking processes developed long after the rest of were running around hunting mammoths. They probably need a design retooling, actually, but what can we do? This is us, the 21st century humans with these ancient pathways in our brains and nervous systems that account for just about everything bizarre that you can think of or see on television.

As Donna Eden puts it, the wiring we are left with to deal with life as we know it is “not one of nature’s showcase achievements”. Restoring harmony to the energies that are at the root of much of what we experience as confusion, disorganization, depression, anger, and compulsive behaviors is her life’s work. She teaches us that even stuttering and dyslexia stem from this dysfunctional connection between the autonomic nervous system and specific regions in the brain.

The person with the scrambled energy is especially aware of the impact on others when they are trying to communicate. A performer or speaker can lose their audience – fail to connect, in other words – when their energies are scrambled.

I used to experience the effects of individual scrambled energy (without then knowing what it was) when I was working as a simultaneous translator. From flowing rapid translation I went to the “participant speaking in fragments” mode in a very dramatic way. I simply could not grasp what the person with scrambled energy was saying as they veered off topic into what even then seemed like scrambled brain territory. I learned to coast for 30 seconds and then get right back to speed with the next voice in the room.

“When your energy is scrambled, you speak with a scrambled tongue”, says Donna Eden.

I later understood that my ability to translate stemmed from being right in the flow of ideas of the person speaking and that I literally was capturing through my crown chakra the ideas from the other person. Simultaneous translation and learning languages are a breeze for me for this reason.

Okay, where was I?

What can you do about scrambled energy? Why, you can learn to do a modified Wayne Cook Posture. Do it before you are going to speak, do it regularly if you have processing challenges like dyslexia or a stammer. Or just when you stop grasping the meaning of words on a page.

If you feel tired and find yourself rereading words of your textbook or novel, your brain is sensing scrambled energy and is trying to slow you down!

Let’s fix that right now, shall we? I truly wish everyone knew this the same way we know to put on a sweater if we are cold instead of wondering why we feel so, ah, cold?

Modified Wayne Cook Posture – the short version

This is the shortened version you can try. You are weaving your energy circuits together again by crossing the major lines of energy with each other, allowing your body to resume its natural rhythms.

Begin by crossing your ankles (you are sitting down) usually right over left, whichever feels comfortable. You will already feel energy humming, once you get used to doing this, and most people find it grounding. Next, you want to cross the meridians in your upper body in a similar way. So, cross your right hand over the left, palms down, then put your palms together: your wrists are crossing each other, you are not too comfortable, and you are ready to bend your elbows, flip your hands under and presto, you end up with the “here’s the church, here’s the steeple” hand position of our childhood. Clasp your fingers, with your hands now over your chest.

Again, you will feel a comforting and calming effect pretty quickly as your energy comes into balance. Breathe in slowly, in through the nose, with your tongue at the top of your mouth against your upper teeth; breathe out through the mouth with your tongue on the bottom of your mouth against your lower teeth. Do this for about 90 seconds. When you are ready, unclasp your hands and slowly bring them in front of you in a prayerful position, still breathing deeply.

This shorter version is used by Energy Psychologists to ground and center their clients at the beginning of a session, and can be used anywhere, anytime. I learned mine in Jean Talon market as I was excitedly bouncing around in the wild energy of so many people, sights, smells and sounds. It was very dramatically calming. I refer to such exercises as hitting the shut-up button, which is the effect on me. I like it a lot, personally, because I tend to get way out there sometimes when I am excited.

Some people liken it to the feeling after 20 minutes of meditation, and it takes you about three minutes max. So here’s a nod to my friend Glenn for first showing me how.

Now, you can stop here, most of you. I know my friends who teach Energy Medicine extensively would want me to put a link to the full Wayne Cook posture that is used therapeutically and may chide me for the way I describe certain parts of it.

So I will just send those of you who want more information to our friend Mr. Google and ask him for Donna Eden and Wayne Cook. That ought to do it. The full version involves more putting right foot over left knee and so on. Just start with the shorter modified version and let me know how it goes!

Wishing you unscrambled energy on this Sunday morning brunch day,

Wellness Woman