Today I was reminded of the power of essential oils to bring us into balance. The plant kingdom has long been a source of healing for humans, long before anything was written down about what helped this or that condition.

Chinese herbology, which I have studied for years, routinely offers up pearls of knowledge regarding which herbs are good for stimulating our energy, or yang functions, and which herbs nourish our bodily systems, or yin. These two broad categories are at the heart of this fascinating field.

Like most of my writing, this post demonstrates (I observe myself without censoring), that I seem to need to come into my subject from a slightly oblique angle. Today I want to talk about essential oils, not herbology.

When we use dowsing to see what or which treatments or modalities will help rebalance us or clear our fields of unwanted energies, essential oils often surface. Some of my healer friends, like myself, are able to download the perfect oil when we need to, and only need to identify which one.

Now I do know that most of you are not as way out there as I am in terms of what I seem to be able to download from the universe, most of the time, so you will have to use the real thing! And so will I, for that matter, when I am seriously unbalanced. This does happen to me when I have been upset by a something in my human day to day life, as I have said before.

So here is relief for all of us: essential oils.

If you know nothing about them at all, there is a ton of information on the internet. Derived from plants, which are far more magical than most of us dream, essential oils can help with physical, emotional and spiritual ills. We get – the we being the dowser community I am closely connected with, at any rate – we get that homeopathy is not nearly as useful or powerful. (I hear a few of you complaining, so let me add that we get that there is something about the manufacturing process today that reduces their healing properties, and that this may not have been the case a hundred years ago).

A while back I wrote about an experience with flower essences. Today I dipped into my essential oil reserves…

The point I want to make today is not to educate about any one oil, or even to tell anecdotes the way I usually do. I simply want to remind or tell you all about these accessible tools. They are of course more easy to find, order or purchase than Chinese herbs. And you can even google which ones are best for what problem. They are fabulous for emotional upsets.

Some days I get twisted into a kind of mood that comes from somewhere else. I am acutely aware of the feeling of observing my crabby or annoyed self, and all the while forgetting how to get back to my joyful self. There, I said it pretty publicly, and it is the truth. Thankfully, I have many ways to get back to the me I love to be, quickly. Essential oils will do it, instantly. So if you ever hear me on the phone grumbling to you, please do put whatever I am saying on pause, and remind me to go get out my oils. They work like a charm, with an incredible immediate shift. Honestly, I instantly forget that I am grumbling about something and remember that I was going to go post something on the blog.

Please remember we are all so healing for each other in this way. With love and gratitude for you all,

Wellness Woman