We read a lot about physical aches and pains, and the various remedies for them that come from the natural health store. I was just reminded of this when I was looking at the Young Living Essential Oil site, and saw that you can soak in a bath with an oil to relieve achy, sore muscles and the like.

Because I am studying the HMR © work, the Holographic Memory Resolution therapeutic approach developed by Brent Baum, I have to mention that we learn the most outrageous things that support what I have learned over the past few years through my dowsing community.

Briefly, we are quantum fields. This means that anything up with us is an energetic disturbance. We learn that after seven years, an energetic disturbance in the field becomes a physical reality. I know I am going too fast, but I have to get this down today in kind of short-hand fashion so I don’t forget.

Where this ties into the essential oils thing is that I know that using essential oils goes far deeper than the physical tissues. The oils work at an energetic level, you see, clearing traumatic memories and blocked energy. That in turn is what makes us feel better, either physically or emotionally.

The oils are healing and clearing, in other words.

Now, most of you are used to the reductionist medical model – where a specific molecule is targeting a specific physical ailment. So it may be a little difficult to get your head around the fact that a physical pain is due to an emotional memory or trauma operating at some level. But when you do, you understand how relief can be instantaneous.

Well, you may not, exactly, but some of you do and the rest of you will just have to hang on for a bit. If you go further back into the blog posts I know I have talked about this kind of thing before. I just needed to mention it here in conjunction with the oils.

As you can see, I have a very different perspective from most people. Sigh. Which is why I have developed the habit of writing. I avoid those funny looks, you see.

Two days ago, as I was demonstrating some very elementary Donna Eden techniques for grounding, someone came up to me and said that he didn’t believe any of that stuff. That stuff, I thought to myself. Wait until he sees where my head is really at!

Be well, and go public with the weird stuff, folks, please. There are more of us out there than you think!

Wellness Woman