The field of essential oils has been closely linked to emotional well-being, and so I attended a short presentation two weeks ago to learn more.

What I would like to do here is simply share my own experiences with each oil, as we passed them around the room to test. We were invited to smell the oils, since we wanted to test a few.

At another time, I will go into how they are used, the impact of different sources (use organic) and other things, but I wanted to record my personal experiences as an intuitive with them. I was not familiar with any of them.

So as our group leader spoke, the oil was handed around, and I took a whiff. With the first one, I felt a definite movement of energy, through the brain, the brain stem and then kind of down my neck, making me feel at once more flexible in the spine and then sit up straight, spontaneously. Turns out this one was a blend that was for grounding and centering. I quickly got the information that the sense of straightening out the spine, the action of th oil on sensitive me, had a secondary effect of feeling the flow of energy from crown to base of root chakra. I could literally feel it happening. And then I remembered that our information about yoga and meditation encourages a straight but not stiff spine, that allows the energy to flow. The result, we open to the earth and also to the sense that we are part of the universe. Turns out, as I then returned to the group and listened more attentively, that this was a combination that had spruce in it. I was feeling the tall spruce and its roots, I think.

The second oil I tried had the effect of making me feel secure. It just did. And then I got some information about the oil itself, that it somehow was able to bring all parts of us together. As I tuned to the room, I could hear the group leader talking about how this one was good for upsets. I suddenly realized that when we are upset, there is often a part of us that is reacting to something going on, and it temporarily puts us out of commission while the frozen energy reels from the event that has just happened. The information I then got was that w all hav a kind of fragmentation going on when we are upset about anything, a fffragmentation that originally was protective of our delicate state of being, but that is triggered when something happens to reactivate the old memories. And this oil combination – it was called Harmony – worked at the level of brining our parts back together again. What I heard was the word, clearly, ‘defrag’, that made me smile. So the parts of ourselves that don’t like what ahs been going on are able to come back … kind of like a virtual holding hands, I think.

The next oil was a blend that addressed the subject of self-forgiveness. I felt a kind of swirley whirley action within myself. A participant in our group wondered why people reported feeling worse before they felt better. The information I received then was that the forgiveness was a by-product of an action at the level of the DNA, which would explain the feeling bad then feeling better. The images I had were of a spiral change at the level of the DNA, where the blackness – image of a black net-like cloud – was released from the spiral. Then I heard that the cells were releasing the blackness of shame. Once the shame was released, we are flooded with feelings that are far from positive, but that some action of the oil also prevents too severe an abreaction. The release of the black shame cloud then takes place, after which we feel much better about ourselves, obviously. Hence the action on ‘self-forgiveness’. In any case, it was and always is very clear to me, even though I sometimes describe it in ways that partly use the words I hear and partly try as my adult human self to describe it for other humans.

Once again, another oil, as we moved on, with just me experiencing the technicolour cinematic roller coaster. I am used to it, and appreciate the weird information I get. I speak up (or write) now, because I have spent a lot of time as you know around clairvoyants and dowsers who get it instantly, and who sometimes get the exact same images I do.

So I have only managed to write about three of the oils, but I have to go, and this is possibly long enough and weird as well. The oils were all from Young Living, which I have heard about for years, but have a new appreciation of now. The founder of the company itself is like me a clairvoyant or clairaudient of some sort. People say he has channeled a lot of the information. I suppose he had. A few years ago, I would not even have known what he meant. But now that I do the same thing, and get information from the reference librarians up there somewhere – they just gave me the crop circle image of the Atlantean library that I must figure out how to post – so I think I have to study these oils a little more.

We have used them in our Vermont based healing group, but that is another story. For another day. Essential oils are magical. Find out about them. ‘We’ get that they are indeed powerful.

Be well,

Wellness Woman