I can hardly believe the date – here it is 13 days after my last post. Yeesh! My life on the ground has been turning the gerbil cage these past two weeks without a moment to spare. The feeling of imbalance has been tempered by the occasional reconnection into my healing work, but overall this human being is beginning to feel the old frazzle creeping up.

For those of you unaware of how I came into the holistic field in the first place, it was through a burnout, years ago, where the dysfunction toppled the functional aspects of my life. I am so plain happy these days that I forget that even then, I am vulnerable to imbalance and must take a step backwards and reboot my systems for staying on course.

Today I attended a huge event – with all the human kind of hype, music and hordes of people… only to realize after an hour that I had probably (okay, I admit) I had not zipped up to protect myself. My energy was all over the place. I am vulnerable to OPE -other people’s energy – at the best of times, which is why I have so many techniques in the first place.

Predictably this week, I have little time today for this entry, but wanted to say I am still here, just preoccupied with non-writing kinds of activities. It is spring after all. Coming out of hibernation means less time with my writing, as I enjoy the sunny and warmer days. Okay, again, not exactly true, not exactly the reason: I have less time with my writing because I am so busy with a human project, on the gerbil wheel.

Happy spring, everyone. I am still here – and actually attended something fantastic this past week I look forward to sharing. As I said, this post feels like a tweet…

End. Dinner guests at the door!

Be well!

Wellness Woman