Sometimes we feel that we want to somehow let people know they have wronged us, or we want to recoup sums of money owed when we realize with a shock that we stand a small chance of getting paid or repaid.

“I just feel that my universe is out of balance when [that guy] owes me money. It’s not even the money, it’s just that I want him to know that he is wrong.” Confided a friend to me the other day.

Hmmm, I thought. Doesn’t sound like such a good plan to me. And then I got to thinking why. Here is what I came up with, with the obvious help of my guides, my wise guides. “Someone write this down” was what I thought afterwards. I am always and still surprised to find myself wise.

This has to do with abundance, so listen up.

Let’s say someone – a business partner – owes you three thousand dollars. It’s not fair; he owes it squarely, legitimately, but hey, he’s a bum and has gotten irritated and decided just not to pay. I had that happen a few years ago with a dot com fly by night where all of us were uh, – trying to think of the polite expression for got screwed here – were defrauded sums of money. Mine was less than ten thousand, but others lost fifty thousand dollars of invested time and funds.

So let’s say this someone owes you money. Of course you are angry. Now, here is the thing. Unless it is your job, as a lawyer, to go after such people, if you decide to get even, this is what you may actually be doing.

You may be sending a message to the universe that is precisely what you do not want to. If you are angrily pursuing the large amount of three thousand dollars, are you not saying to the universe that this is a LARGE amount of money? That this large amount of money and the thought of “teaching this person a lesson” are important?

The universe will support you, no doubt, but not how you might think. The universe will support two things: that YOU think this is a large amount of money, and that changing the behavior of this other person is more important than changing yourself.

So you will be presented down the road with another occasion to prove exactly this. That three thousand is a large amount of money, and that other people are more important than you are.

When, as the images I get, in fact you might just be on the verge of receiving two hundred thousand. But no, three is large, you said. Hmmm. So the two hundred turns back into what you think is large. Three. And the other image I get is that you will have many, many instances where you will have the thought that ‘the other guy’ needs teaching a lesson. Lots of crappy things happening to allow you that thought.

Not really what you might want in your future.

Thank you guides. I get it. Do YOU?

Be well, and be wise,

Wellness Woman