A holistic therapist is never off the job, no matter what she is doing. The concept of weekend therapy and weekend therapist to me implies someone who perhaps does all kinds of different things – parenting, gainful employment, singing or sports – but whose passion is related to helping people.
The term therapy in its broadest sense can be applied to any form of treatment for a disorder or illness, and covers mental, emotional and physical aspects. A therapist without professional accreditation can be a consultant, educator or coach. I am a little of all three. For a time I wished that I had completed the full training to be an accredited psychologist. No longer, for now, I am in the company of psychologists who are having to sign off from their professional orders to practice what works, or at least strange things that work.
The ultimate combination of therapist and practitioner who effects change, in my view, is the Energy Psychology practitioner. This innovative field opens the door to ideas and techniques that facilitate change in ways that classically trained psychologists do not have access to.
My personal dilemma is that I have considerable training in several fields. As a holistic practitioner, I have had to learn how to see this very combination as a precious set of helping tools that most people have trouble even imagining. For in fact, I have tools to help for just about everything that holds us back, makes our energy low, makes us sad or upset – and, even more complicated, for my personal definition of me – for physical ailments using natural remedies as well.
When I started my training, I would have been called a natural health practitioner. The term is too limiting for what I do now. Many of them limit themselves to nutrition or acupressure and – sadly, for my personal definition of me – do not address the energy field, the subtle energy field that affects the emotional spectrum the way I do. My tool set ranges from Traditional Chinese Medicine to emotional trauma therapy. Whatever is holding you back from health, success and happiness – I can help uncover. And then, well, treat. Simple. But in our reductionist society (where we take things apart to examine them instead of stepping back to look at the big picture), I am supposed to choose.
My friend Werner would say to bundle everything up and explain that I work with subtle energies. That way, I can help people in all my roles – as an educator, a natural health consultant and a holistic therapist too. Weekend therapist.
So weekend therapist it is – as though I just have a few ideas for you of how to help out with this or that. It will have to do. The big picture is much more magical, and can be just as magical, no matter what the label!
See the big picture. Be the best you can be.

Wellness Woman