The sweet flavor in Chinese dietary therapy is the most harmonizing of all the flavors and as such appropriate not only at harvest time but at any time. This sweet flavor is not at all what we think of as sweet with our somewhat corrupted taste buds and addictions to chemical sugar, sigh, in the west.

Until I learned how to calm my own emotional nonspecific anxiety, I found that nothing eased the nagging feeling like western sweets, myself. The backlash from cookies and muffins was part of the cycle of eat sweets, repeat, that I am so happy to say I have finally moved away from, especially with my latest batches of herbs. So I do understand, believe me. Sweets are traditionally also celebratory foods, that help us celebrate joy and excitement and love – all the emotions we do want!

But the importance for us lies in the underlying reasons we think that the sweet flavor will appease the emotions we don’t want. This is an ancient voice calling us, drawing us to the sweet flavor, which filled us at one time with a peaceful sense of contentment. The ancient voice is now greeted with chemical non-food in the form of modern cakes and cookies.

Be wary. As I have said to many, and say again to you: before you eat it, make sure it is food!

Yours in health,