Any discussion of Chinese herbal medicine invariably turns to the patented commercial formula, Hsaio Yao Wan, or Free and Easy Wanderer, a herbal formula for addressing excess in the liver and deficiency in the spleen-pancreas. This very common Chinese formula is for treating a very common western syndrome in the world – and is well-known in the way that aspirin might be for westerners. Thousands of years of Chinese herbal wisdom have been boiled down to this easily obtainable over-the-counter formula.

What is liver excess? Do you know anyone with an explosive nature, easily roused to anger – by shop clerks or slow drivers, for example? If your answer is yes, then this person has a liver heat syndrome going on! If in addition to the uneven lashing out in anger, the person also seems impatient or easily irritated or simply generally what we call irritable, there is a gall-bladder imbalance as well. The syndrome that we know as PMS, which involves emotional and physical symptoms is the perfect example of a readily treatable pattern of symptoms that responds beautifully to Hsaio Yao Wan. It is commonly known to treat depression, too.

A woman in my Chinese herbal shop was surprised that I trusted Chinese herbs, as she put it. Of course! I have not only studied them for seven years now through teachers and texts written by highly respected American herbalists like Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D. and Jake Fratkins, but experienced their benefits, sometimes quite dramatically, myself. I love how the mind part – the emotional aspect – of my physical complaints resolves so beautifully as I not only feel better but feel better! (All complaints have an emotional aspect which we have largely ignored in the west until recently.)

The herbs sold in America are approved by the FDA and manufactured under approved conditions. The track record of Traditional Chinese Medicine spans thousands of years. Chinese herbs resolve the underlying conditions of our chronic and acute ailments, rather than just targeting the symptoms.

There are many brands of this Chinese patent herbal formula. Jake Fratkins’ book is available on the internet. Hsaio Yao Wan is commonly available in every Chinatown pharmacy, which is a treat of itself, for the curious.

Be open to global teachings is my wish for you today – open mind, open heart, healthy body.
Yours in health,