While it is easy to see the link as it is made in Chinese medicine, between emotions and physical symptoms, what do I mean by the blanket statement that all complaints have an emotional aspect?Do I mean that if you stub your toe, that there is an emotional aspect to that? Or my stiff neck or shoulder blades? Or my back pain? You may well ask. Yes. Precisely

Take the case of the stiff neck. In Chinese medicine, this is an area also “ruled” by the liver, that is responsible for the health of the tendons. Fix up the liver syndrome, and the pain goes away. When you treat the liver, you are also treating anger, overt or repressed. So could we not take our bodily symptoms and relate them to emotions that we are not expressing? Absolutely! And then treat the emotions? Yes, there are techniques to do that. The field of body-mind psychology, somatic psychology, definitely includes the body in addressing emotional symptoms.

If we use a combination of Chinese herbs and Memory Resolution techniques, for example, we hit the cycle of anger / neck tension with a one-two punch, resolving not only the neck pain but the underlying repressed (not intentional, I assure you) emotions.

It’s very effective. Felt compelled to write this short side-bar to add to the topic of the last post, while the subject was open!

Yours in wellness,