Memory Resolution refers to methods for eliminating frozen, painful memories from the subconscious. The past few decades have brought tremendous advances to the field of psychology, to “modern psychology” which has moved far beyond the classic talk therapy approach.There are several effective methods of resolving painful frozen memories that we now know are responsible for many, if not most, of our aches and pains and dysfunctional behaviors. You may hear more about these various methods from the field of energy psychology, somatic psychology or subtle energy modalities.

The one I am trained in requires little participation on the part of your rational brain. It deals with the subconscious, and part of the training is to learn to bypass the critical, logical mind. Ergo, not talk therapy.

Some of the new branches of psychology include those used by coaches, like neurolinguistic programming, and those used by therapists, such as “the tapping” or emotional freedom techniques. The alphabet modalities, as a friend of mine refers to them, of EFT and others, that are highly effective and easily made fun of.

The research is however beginning to catch up with their dramatic effectiveness, which took everyone by surprise. (I am referring to the difficulty in conveying credibility to techniques that work but that have not developed through long arduous processes that take years in the laboratory to define. That they took the psychology community by surprise was due to the speed at which they spread by word of mouth out of the university setting. They work.

Trained psychologists have been flocking to learn them in recent years, to assuage the frustration of their classical practices where their clients inch forward, painfully. These new techniques, when combined with therapeutic training, have no parallel for their helpfulness. What some see as problematic is that they can be taught to every trained therapist, and this includes trained therapists from the holistic field as well.

Holographic Memory Resolution (c), developed by Brent Baum, is one of these new highly effective techniques. To your emotional pain – whether from grief, anxiety, depression or anger – the line of questions are not about who or what or why, but simply along the lines of “where do you feel that in your body?” And we remain with the bodily symptoms in the subconscious while resolving the memories. The critical, sometimes endlessly looping rational brain is moved out of the equation, and only observes. With a single session, transformation begins. The pain recedes, resolved,not managed – permanently. And yes, this means the physical shoulder pain, too.

Sigh, like all the “new” psychology techniques, this one sounds too good to be true. Expect more, I say. We are in a new era of quantum understanding. Expect miracles, today, as my friend Joan from California would say. Because that is what can happen, as I see every week.

Yours in health,