A postmedia news story in our local paper caught my eye recently, about a teacher from Ottawa whose car crash injuries have stayed with her for years, including the emotional angst and not just the physical pain.

The story starts with the quote “you mean this isn’t going to go away?”, about the loss of her teaching profession due to the pain and fatigue, and headaches.

The techniques I use are not well known enough for the word to get to her about all the energy psych methods of releasing a lot of the heartbreak and physical distress from such incidents. Car crashes have been the subject of energy psychology seminars, because ‘we’ have so many ways of helping.

The work I specialize in, the HMR, that releases traumatic memories, is truly remarkable for the effect on such injuries, physical as well as emotional.

When I read in the article that seven years later her head is still on an angle, the way it was turned at the moment of impact, I had to put something in this blog. There is frozen energy, exactly at the moment of trauma, or more precisely, at T-1, the millisecond before impact. HMR releases this frozen energy, with all the emotional and traumatic pain. The injury may seem entirely physical, but has a large component of energy that is literally immobilized in fright, energy that energy psychology techniques can release.

Headaches are often a reliving of the first headache, which is why modern medicine cannot ‘find’ the cause and eliminate them. This is what HMR can do. HMR is highly effective in eliminating migraine and headache, permanently.

Just saying. There is help out there, from the holistic world, for such things. HMR sessions would be a great start. There are practitioners of this non-invasive technique in Canada as well as the US.

Be well, and find ways to release your frozen energy. They are out there. Go look up Peter Levine and Brent Baum for more depth on this.