Recent ‘success stories’ from friends and clients prompt me to put a text from Steve Wells on here in its entirety. I’m sure he won’t mind! SET involves meridian stimulation, constantly, while talking or thinking about an issue, with no specific wording or pattern, so it is great for generalized anxiety about just about anything.

From Steve Wells:

A Basic Overview of SET:

• Simply Tap on the Energy Points: SET at its core is a very simple process of tapping on energy points on the body for emotional and physical relief. You can also rub or simply touch and lightly “hold” the points.

• No Specific Order Necessary: There really is no need to tap on the points in any particular order, or even to use all of them. You can usually get results just tapping on any 4-5 of the points as it seems the “energy system” is all connected. You can tap on the upper body points, the finger points, on any or all of the points. Up to you.

• Finger Tapping: You can tap on the finger points using the thumb as the tapper = Using the thumb to tap on the finger points of the same hand, including the ring finger, “going up and down the points.” This is easy to do and non- fatiguing once you get used to it. It is very easy to integrate into your routine and is also something that can be done in public (under the table or behind your back if you prefer).

• Focused Tapping: When tapping, focus on “whatever you are aware of” in the mind (thoughts, beliefs, memories, worries) or body (feelings, intensity, bodily location) while you tap. There is no need to use a set-up statement or repeat a reminder phrase, as used in EFT. You can get results by just adding the tapping to whatever you are aware of, then continuing to tap whilst noticing how your thoughts and feelings shift, until you experience relief.

• No need to be clever. You can often get benefits from tapping without focusing on anything in particular while you tap. Forget about having to be your own therapist and seeking to identify your “core issues”. Just the tapping alone, if you do enough of it, can often bring beneficial results.

• Continual tapping for “energy toning”: The sheer amount of meridian stimulation is often a key factor in gaining results. We have clients tap continually during our therapy sessions and we also encourage daily continual tapping at home. This seems to have the beneficial effect of toning down the body’s natural reactivity and reducing your overall stress and arousal, as well as stimulating the flow of positive life energy and allowing you to access your creativity and optimism.

• Accept Whatever Comes: Let your thoughts and feelings come while you tap. Accept every thought and feeling and allow even negative thoughts to come but add tapping to their presence.

Again, Steve’s website is as above for more on his approach. I use SET and other energy psych techniques, including Donna Eden’s work, as you know from reading this blog!

Energy psychology is becoming more accepted everywhere, as I am finding out with the rest of you. Not too strange anymore, I hope! So like many energy psychology practitioners, I like to teach the basic techniques in a learning situation especially, when the first contact with the technique brings immediate results.