We were told a strange, but very strange story today in the advanced HMR workshop, one of the few real case studies we can talk about out of class, since the person involved went public in the media a few years ago.

This was the story of a woman who led a life on the streets – incurring every possible situation imaginable, and who somehow was referred to Brent Baum at one of his addiction clinics. Lucidly, she recounted her recollections of coming into her own infant fetus, from the spirit world, coming down as a light. Her story was that the angelic presence stopped, horrified, when she realized who her parents were. As a child, the client claimed that she was aware of her celestial self floating above her. The angelic presence was appropriately named Celeste. Remember, I am reporting what she said to Brent, so this is not my making anything up!

During therapy, she claimed that she this angelic presence floating above her, Celeste, had clearly told her that it would be impossible to ever reunite, because of low vibrations of the human lifestyle on the street were incompatible with the high angelic vibrations that we first “come in” with under normal circumstances.

Over time, however, things apparently changed, with the release of trauma and the gradual lightening up of her human vibration. She announced to Brent one day that Celeste was now ready, that her vibrations were high enough for her to do this. I am just reporting…

We are somewhat dumbfounded in class as Brent tells how he then witnessed a great shuddering and shaking, his client before his eyes transforming, as Celeste entered the human body. Starting from the head, the shuddering and shaking progressively halted, while the rest of the body kept shaking. When all the shaking had finished, Brent’s client announced, calmly, that Celeste was now reunited with the human body. I am, as I say, just reporting.

Her subsequently lucid and calm presence and astounding story has been in the media, so I can tell this strange story. HMR raises vibrations through its memory resolution process. Obviously.

Written in haste, as the cafe is closing…