When I was reviewing earlier posts, I came across the happy blog entry about Rejuvelac. I say happy, because I was noticeably less anxious and noticeably less hungry as I used it. Like many things, the Rejuvelac habit comes and goes with me. I take other whole foods or supplements, kind of rotating through my ideas with the products.

I was reminded of the changes in mood, however, when I came across this article in an evening ramble looking at healthy eating lifestyle, that took me to GMO’s and then Aspartame, and finally this little interesting post. Ignore the reference to mice, and think human. These little mammals do a lot of hard work testing human health issues.

This is from the Mercola site, fabulous source of health information.

The probiotic known as Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001 has been shown to normalize anxiety-like behavior in mice with infectious colitis.

A study found that chronic colitis was associated with anxiety-like behavior. Treatment with B. longum was found to reduce the symptoms, and to also positively affect hippocampal brain derived neurotrophic factor.

According to the study, as reprinted on the website Green Med Info:

“As B. longum decreases excitability of enteric neurons, it may signal to the central nervous system by activating vagal pathways at the level of the enteric nervous system.”

Okay, to translate that for my human friends, this means that digestive help from probiotics and enzymes not only help digestion, but calm anxiety. I’ll edit this tomorrow, with more on probiotics. Looks like I’ll be finishing up November posts with more down to earth nutrition information. Go with the flow – I just write about where my big computer brain takes me in the moment.

Be well, and go with the flow. Yours in health,