A new month, December, brings with it new energies, and, according to my astrologer friends, an end to the great heaviness and stuckness that characterized so much of November. Must find out more about astrology for myself, sometime, but in another decade. Not now.

Sometimes I go to my bookshelves to a book that beckons to me, and take it off the shelf. Every once in a while, this book is one that I bought months or sometimes years before, but have not yet read. I have a friend who taught me years ago to trust my instincts about such things, to go to a section of the library or bookstore, and wait, without looking, for the instinct to go left or right, to find a book someone on the other side wants us to know about. Dowsers use pendulums; anyone can use body dowsing, or body leaning. In any case, sometimes I later find myself drawn to such a book in my own bookshelf, long after buying it.

And so it was today, that I was drawn to a bookshelf, a book, a page and then a passage.

To become something else, you have to stop being what you are now; to start doing things a new way, you have to end the way you are doing them now; and to develop a new attitude or outlook, you have to let go of the old one you have now. Even though it sounds backwards, endings always come first. The first task is to let go.  ~ William Bridges, Transitions

I used to use a pendulum to find such things, with a question to my guides; now I tune to my own inner wisdom, and allow those who help me constantly to whisper truth to me.

In our culture, the emphasis on success often leads people to choose careers and paths that are not those that really interest them and make them happy; we are seeing an increasing number of people seeking transition coaching, life coaching, to help them through the changing and developing inner self trying to make sense of their position, and often trying to escape. Bridges makes the point that not only do people become stuck in careers they no longer find satisfying, but also and equally importantly, they learn that thier own imaginings and longings are inherently not to be trusted. Learning not to trust our inner voices and longings may lead to a life of confusing direction, always unsure of what we really want.

We are conditioned by our upbringing. Most of us learn a tough work ethic, to ‘suck it up’ in the vernacular, if they are not happy, and to quell our desires in the interests of fitting a round peg into a square hole. Such as do hold such a course may envy or disdain those who took risks, regardless of outcome, to fly out of the box. We all make jokes about mothers worrying about children who end up wealthy and famous doing what they love that seemed implausible at the beginning.

Each phase of our lives has a shape. Goethe famously spoke about the shape of a decade, but most native traditions use a cycle of seven years. Our age can be counted through each seven years of learning, spiritual growth, giving back and so on. This is the shamanic tradition. What is in our energetic field becomes matter within seven years, for better or for worse, the energy healers learn.

Endings must be dealt with if we are to move on with whatever comes next in our lives, Bridges says. When we cannot let go of the past, we are handicapped going forward.The new beginnings begin with the releasing of the past.

I encourage you to think of where you might be stuck or what you are hanging onto that no longer serves you  in your life, as you move through it. You cannot go back, you can only go forward. Choose wisely what parts of the old life you bring forward with you. Ensure you leave behind what needs to be left behind, once you have dealt with it.

Whether you are entering a new relationship, career or phase in your life, ending an old one, hanging onto a finished one, or waiting for your new one to start, you are always in transition. Your great subconscious will help or hinder your progress, so try to ensure you have cleared out what you wish to leave behind. If you would like some help with that, you know what to do.

Yours in wellness, in all aspects of your life,