There is lots and lots to say about migraine, that truly elusive problem that afflicts millions of people every day. I will edit and add to this post at another time, but I wanted to leave you with a really short post. I have worked for pharmaceutical companies doing opinion research on the causes and remedies of migraine, as well as studied for many years all the various remedies that are offered in alternative medicine.

Two strategies work well, in my experience: Chinese herbs Рthe prescribed kind, dried natural herbs from a Chinese pharmacy with a traditional diagnosis by a trained practitioner  Рand HMR.  I am sure there are western herbs too, and of course magical essential oils that work through the quantum field.

As it happens, through the work of HMR, we discover that migraine, unlike headache, is almost entirely emotional in origin. The origin may be years and years ago, of some kind of painful emotional situation that resulted in a first migraine. The subsequent migraines are then relives of the original event and migraine. Just saying. This is what we have learned from the more than 16,000 cases of HMR that yield the most fascinating meticulously described information about such things. There may be fifteen memories associated with one migraine, but through HMR we can work through them all and then, well, no more migraine. Just saying.

HMR refers to Holographic Memory Resolution, the technique developed by Brent Baum for resolving trauma lodged as frozen memories and traumas in the energy body.

There is amazing information accessible to everyone now, on the internet, and more of the strange stuff you may read in alternative health is true than you might think.

Be well, and please do think outside the box.