This morning, very uncharacteristically, I woke with … guess what? A headache, migrainous. Now, the posts of earlier this week were in relation to other people’s headaches. I super rarely get a headache, much less a migraine. Maybe twice a year.

So the universe was smiling as I was brought an issue obviously ready to heal, through a headache today. Guess I am supposed to illustrate how the migraine removal process goes with HMR. Sitting quietly, tuning into the headache pain, I suggest that this headache pain flow out of me. What does it look like, outside of me? I see clearly, as you will find you begin to do too. First, a kind of shiny sludge pool with fluid edges, a few inches high. That’s the beginning of unraveling this headache. I wait until all the headache is outside of me, and then I invite all the people who contributed to it to line up behind. Who do I see? Predictably, we see family members – not because everyone is bad, but because a small child’s psyche is fragile and anything may be perceived as upsetting, even an argument between strangers. So I see family members. This is normal. The next step is to give back to them all the parts of this shiny sludge that belong to them, and watch what happens. Your subconscious makes all this up, using images that are sometimes bizarre, as it works on the healing process. I am beginning to feel much better; the nausea has left as has the pounding. I’m still light sensitive, especially in the left eye.

So now I feel a pain over the left orbital bone, above the left eye. This one is like a croquet mallet, smashing the bone. Yup. If we ask, the answers come. I am about six this time. Just ask for the age… a number comes into mind. A croquet mallet, not a very nice thing, and a whole lot of fear, and dark surroundings. I can go between feeling flat, almost dead emotions, to great fear, in a moment. I can back up and see where this is, and what is happening. I find that I am in a kind of ditch, where I can see the stones and the rough top edges with tufts of long grass. This one is not such a happy scene; I am somewhere in the woods with a round wooden club swinging at me, I suppose. I can stop the images and back up or move forward if I begin to feel fear, and just observe. Well, this one is obviously not from this lifetime, and I rapidly replace the image with a wonderful one of riding in a sleigh, Dr Zhivago style, and can see the white animal skin over the sleigh side, as I happily whisk along. No ditch. Once I have moved the frame colours of this scene through, I am calm and notice that there is no pain at all over the left eye as before. I then receive more information that this is somewhere in Russia, during the Bolshevik revolution, where I was a small child and did not make it to adulthood. Who knows? So strange, but I learn a lot of nasty up close history this way.

Now I have a burning sense inside the eye, that manifests like an ill fitting glass eye, still over the left side. I am about four years old. The rest of the details show themselves, and I can replace this picture with a happy one, even changing the people in the original scene. As I always say, the subconscious is a strange place. Once I have resolved this scene, the migraine is gone. Within about an hour, no drugs. So strange, isn’t it? This is the world of Holographic Memory Resolution. Memories of trauma big and small are stored in holonomic fashion, in a part of the body like a shoulder, a knee, or chest, until they are resolved. Hugely effective, releasing pain, emotional pain, and painful memories. Leaving us with a new outlook, new ways of thinking and new behaviours, in a single session.

I am off to do something else. Be well, and please find someone who does this technique locally if you can. You can resolve phobias, eliminate migraines, and so much more.