The notion that improving your life involves change is never clearer than in the world of success coaching, that brings in millions of clients and dollars every week across the English speaking world. We learn about the need to take risk, to bring in change, to write out and repeat positive affirmations, positive attitude, and more affirmations.

While there is truth to “I think I can” and “I am strong”, this is not the full story of what goes on in our wonderful, creative and complex sub-conscious mind, a mind that never forgets anything, ever.

Affirmations have the power to change the outcome of specific events, true. When physical prowess – speed, stamina or strength – are at stake, positive affirmations have a physiological impact on us. So do negative thoughts.

Sports psychology is based on developing positive attitude and strength in adversity. Something called applied kinesiology changed the face of sports psychology in the late 1980’s with new learning about how our thoughts change our muscle strength. The encouragement of “You can do it!” actually does help win a race. The electrical firing of our muscles – measured in the spindle cells of the deltoid muscles, actually, in the original research – responds to thoughts. (And some of you still have trouble believing we are a great bundle of luminous bioelectrical energy connected to the universe around us?)

So it is true that positive affirmations and positive thoughts have the power to change our lives. Sometimes, however, when we want to change our lives, the physiological part is not enough. There is an equally large body of literature related to the lack of the effectiveness of positive affirmations under certain circumstances. You can positive affirmation yourself until you are blue in the face, as my friend Russell once said to me, with little impact on the outcome of certain aspects of your life. If there is a deep ingrained pattern of something that creates a roadblock to success, regardless of how much positive affirming we do, our lives may not reflect what our conscious brain wants us to do. There are blocks in the sub-conscious that do not respond to positive affirmations. I know about that, because this is my specialty.

When you really, really, really want something, and you just cannot make it happen, no matter how many millionaire mind events you attend, there is an underlying situation that needs addressing.  There is something blocking the way. Sometimes referred to as beliefs, and always trauma based, as we know now, these blocks to success and happiness literally create a smudge in our biofield of luminous light that are impervious to positive thinking.  Once we clear away what is in the way, then the positive affirmations will take us in the direction we want. My specialty focuses on clearing the way, with a powerful toolbox of techniques to remove the roadblocks. Watch your life take off after you do that!

As I mentioned, I know about such things, because it took me almost a decade of searching to find the answer to my puzzling inability to change in certain areas. More precisely, I should say it took six years of positive psychology and affirmations with little impact on certain areas of my life, and two months of wow – before I could begin to see my own dreams come true. I am currently fast-tracking to where I dreamed of going years ago.

Many of the gurus in the success business have such bright energy, especially some of the young up and coming bright lights. May I invite those of you who try hard but spin wheels to contact me for a short course in personal obstacle clearing, so that the way is clear to a path of success?

Wishing you success in finding ways to clear the way,