Who knows what tomorrow will bring? My last post was December 14,2011. I was hoping to be back on line by March 21, the first day of spring. Alas,  I am still struggling with the reduced functioning right hand, that is the reason for the absence. I have known the importance for me to be careful, to keep myself safe, that I learned from channelers and clairvoyants, but even though I was vigilant, I was not really sure that I was at risk from interdimensional energy.  On a dark winter evening, preoccupied with my thoughts and carelessly out after dark not dowsing to find out whether it was safe or not, I had a serious accident, slipping on the black ice, falling on the road. My brave right arm flew out, perfectly, to protect my spine and head, and sacrificed itself to save me. Months later, I am still recovering, painfully.

Of the many phases I have cycled through, the most interesting has been the anger coupled with loss of left brain connection. More credentials for the therapist! Not that I wanted to experience first hand what it is to be handicapped, to be totally isolated, forgotten by the usual networks of colleagues, discouraged with the relentless pain, but I suppose this all has an ultimate plus on the balance scale. My guides stopped me from worse injury, this is clear. The inability to write has been hugely frustrating, however, and leaves me with a backlog of catching up. Hand not able to do much, still, so slow and painful. Yes, yes, there is Dragon Speak, but it is not the same! My hand is as intelligent as my brain on the keyboard, I have discovered.

On the intelligence of hands – I did not fully realize the intimate connection between left hand and right brain until the first time I tried using my left to navigate on the keyboard, and discovered it did not like the computer, that my right brain did not like the computer, or work, or email. That it was alright working in conjunction with its mate, the right hand, but not on its own. So I experienced more than two months of no email. Period. I could not, would not, and gave up explaining why.

Now my hand is complaining, so I must be done. I have a lot to report, that waits for another day. Much channeling, much experience of pain and new enlightenment.

Be well, and grateful for each day.