The more I know about the medical and pharmaceutical fields, the sadder I get about the brain washing of the Western World. Problems that are readily addressed through natural treatments are made worse through the medicine taught in medical schools. Sorry, truth.

In my HMR training, the issue of treating a client with PTSD is complicated when they are on one of the “benzo” classes of drugs. Although Xanax is the most commonly prescribed benzodiazepine, the class includes Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Serax, Halcion, Dalmane, and Halcion. Some of these are referred to as “sleeping pills” and therefore are more likely to be viewed as harmless and helpful. In fact they are just the opposite, with serious acknowledged side effects. Dr. Peter Breggin is the most outspoken and well known of the toxic side of psychiatric drugs.

He documents the problems, sometimes permanent effects in the brain of Xanax in particular, and actively promotes empathy and alternative treatments, not prescription drugs, and openly accuses the pharma industry of misleading and covering up the results of their studies that reveal the harm done by so many of the drugs. As a medical market researcher, I too know well the importance of presenting the clinical trial research for all the marketing materials. What we see in movies about coverups and fraud is not far from the real truth. Here is Peter Breggins, in an excerpt from his Huffington Post article last February, after the death of Whitney Huston:

Xanax has been called “alcohol in a pill” because its effects are so similar to alcohol. However, as will be documented, Xanax can be far more dangerous than alcohol. It should not be prescribed to patients with alcohol problems, because it becomes a powerful impetus for alcohol abuse.

At critical moments in their lives when individuals are suffering from serious emotional problems, their ability to deal with them is further compromised as a result of Xanax-induced medication spellbinding and cognitive deficits.

Breggins uses the term medication spellbinding to refer to impaired judgement.

There are wonderful solutions, alternative solutions from the field of orthomolecular medicine, that uses natural supplements to nourish the brain for balanced function. There are many psychiatrists now, especially in the US, who offer protocols of natural treatments with great results. I hope this is truly the way of the future.

I got to this topic through a meander this evening while researching a presentation I am making in June. So sensitive an issue, I am wary of what I say and how I say it, wondering what crawlers monitor such things on the internet for big pharma. So I only want to say, to shout, to everyone: please please explore alternative medicine for everything that ails you. Please.

It took me years to recover from Zoloft, years ago, and years to heal the hidden traumas that were impeding my progress to uncovering the real me. Exploring and developing our vast human potential is my personal mission. To be all we can be, as the saying goes.

Be well and please do explore alternative medicine for your ills.