Who is to say that we cannot visit the elemental structure of the universe, the patterns of atoms and sub-atomic particles, with our intention and shift things around for healing?

This is the information that was given to Grant Connolly in 1999. He decided to create a simple healing protocol that programs the subconscious to affect the best of all possible outcomes. Asking the subconscious to eliminate the feelings that disrupt us, and to get the best of all possible outcomes, not for a particular outcome, but just asking our higher aspects to transform thoughts or events.

Easily release the feeling as we say a cue word – everything to whatever causes us to feel uncomfortable, sad or any emotion we want to let go of.

This is ZPoint, the ZPoint Process. It is a simple method that embodies everything that Kryon tells us we can do and would be best to ask for. Do not be specific, do not ask for a rose when you could be given a bouquet, we are told. And understand that we are powerful, more powerful than we can imagine.

Like Logosynthesis and EFT tapping, this wonderful clearing and healing process is available to anyone, free for the learning. Naturally, one would want to do the training, but the point is that you can learn to apply these techniques yourself.

I invite you to try them or to find a practitioner you can work with. Change your life? In what ways? Why not just clear away the perturbations or disturbances in your energy field, as they are called, and see what happens?

Be well, I say with intention!