I’ve been listening to Steve Wells, founder of SET and PET, the Energy Psychology variations developed by Steve with David Lake. These variations on the classic EFT are helpful and useful when you are in public and when you are wanting to go deeper into a problem. These techniques bypass the need to find words for the tapping, which is something some people find difficult, and simply allow us to tune into the feelings as they come up. Steve’s technique involves subtle tapping of the fingers near the nail beds, something that can be done anywhere, even in a meeting or at dinner.
One of the difficulties of using EFT is its limitations when something is bothering us in a public venue. We are triggered by something that would respond to EFT, and the last thing we want to do is to start tapping over our face. (Fine for a therapy session, not so great in front of the in-laws).
What interested me today was his perspective on happiness and value clarification.
When we are clear on our values, we have a built in compass for living. If we believe in family harmony, then we pursue avenues that ensure our relationships are harmonious. If we need to learn more about how to live harmoniously, we spend money on education. Steve says that if you can make a list of your values – family, success, friendship, honesty – and then list them in order of priority, you can look at your life and evaluate where you are now and where you want to go next.
I can add that you have a compass for your life. There is no textbook for how life is meant to go, or how it is meant to turn out.
If you are neglecting your top priority value, the likelihood of being unhappy is greater than if you are paying attention to what is important and following that direction.
If you are frustrated and upset and your trigger mechanism is on short fuse, many things are out of balance. 
To obtain more clarity and diffuse the emotional intensity, using SET (Simple Energy Techniques) will help!
There are many roads to wellness – that includes our sense of happiness – and I am happy to provide two of them here.
And by the way, if your personal or work relationships are a source of frustration, you are welcome to contact me directly for help. Just use the intuitive.rose@gmail.com address and I will be happy to explore with you what can be done. The methods I use personally and this SET method are what are termed noncontent methods – we don’t have to hear a long story to be able to shift the energy of what is going on.
Be well, and sort some things out today. Find some way to diffuse emotional intensity. It’s not rocket science anymore.