Not what I was going to write about today, but wanted to capture the link to a Dr. Oz post that includes Frankincense in the suggestions for treating arthritis and joint inflammation. Here is the link to that:

If you are Mehmet Oz, I guess you can use the word cure; we naturopaths are not supposed to!

The recommendations include using glucosamine sulfate for at least 6 weeks, 750 mg twice a day, and something called MSM that is said to strengthen collagen and strangely also used in commercial solvents. You can find these two in combination with chondroitin in a Natural Factors Joint Formula in your local health store, so no need to be too technical.

To this add natural herbs, Boswellia or Frankincense, Willow Bark or Cherry. The Oz site is a short cut to an approach that works. Much more information on diet changes and other supplements is forthcoming, that I will add in later. Have to get to the blog I meant to post today.

Sometimes I pre-write and schedule posts, but often my posts are prompted by conversations of the moment, like a, well, blog.

Be well and learn about what is up with you on the natural health research sites like Weston A. Price Foundation, that is reliable, scientifically researched and has high credibility.