As I am preparing to head off to the annual ASD convention in Vermont, I wanted to put the links to some of the things I am speaking about here on the blog for safekeeping.

Of the topics I speak on, the title I have chosen this year is From Woo Woo to What’s True, where I address the scientific explanations for things like dowsing, remote viewing and intuitive vision. Scientific instrumentation is allowing us to capture energy on film and through sensitive frequency inventions like the SQUID. We can now “see” the meridians and chakras through our fine instruments; we also have much, much more information on non-locality, that phenomenon from quantum physics involving two separate sub-atomic particles that resonate and response together, as one, despite distances between them. You need rather expensive machinery to demonstrate that. Not for home basement lab use.

My personal interest is in vulgarizing (smile, making understandable to everyone) scientific information so that we all get it, get the fact that the strange is in fact true, and that fact is stranger than anything we could imagine, as I write about often.

We know, for example, that single celled paramecia are able to detect safety (safe environment) from danger (toxic environment), and to act accordingly (move forward! or reverse!); what we need also to understand is that our trillions of cells have that same capacity. Human cells, especially those in the gut, are capable of detecting information from the environment that is beyond our human brain’s capacity to sense. It is inherent in our biology, in our physiological makeup. And they are sensing information packages, sensed through the quantum mechanisms that we are learning more and more about.

We know also that our enucleated red blood cells are able to see and sense through our hands information that can then be transmitted to our brains. They travel slowly through the capillaries, you see, exploring, sensing, looking around, and not just bringing blood oxygen to all parts of the body. I feel like saying “Cool, eh?” but that is the dated geek in me, so I won’t.

Of course, it is me – so the Woo Woo to What’s True cycles back to the odd things we know are true but cannot demonstrate scientifically yet, although there is much empirical evidence for the really strange stuff, which is where my interest lies.

Sensing information from the environmental landscape and from the inner landscape are innate abilities that we all have. Most of us have done various things to dampen this sense, that’s all.

Because I seem to have a very highly developed inner vision, where I see odd things easily when I tune into them, until this past year I had no realization of how many other ‘normal’ people can do the same, especially when it comes to the inner landscape.It turns out that we all have this sense, buried in our subconscious, as I experience daily with my practice using holographic memory resolution. We see things – not just me, but all of us, doing this process. So interesting, what we do see, transcending all former preconceptions.

Oh yes, here is the link to the video about the ideomotor response, which is the pre-muscle movement response of the ancient brain:

How we can dowse goes further than this, in my view. You’ll have to listen to me sometime on the subject to hear what I have learned!

Be well. And maybe learn to dowse? Why not!