When I am teaching intuition development, I encourage people to use a little Frankincense oil that we have learned opens us up to information from the universe. Do not ask how that is; ask the people who try it what their experiences are. So fun to hear, especially where intuitives gather, like at ASD.

We are at the beginning of research into the quantum universe that essential oils and plants themselves freely move within. No reductionist theories or research or pharma comes close to what can be acccomplished by allowing the plants themselves, or their oils, to help us heal. Take for example the information that there are almost no cancer cases in countries like Oman where resin is chewed daily.

The resin of the Boswellia tree has demonstrated many benefits for human health, from arthritis to cancer.
At essential oils conventions, the latest research is discussed as natural health advocates learn more and more about what kind of results we are seeing when therapeutic grade essential oils are used. Here are a few examples of research findings from the article you can read by clicking on the link below.

  • Frankincense oil has been documented to regenerate disc, cartilage and bone, and has positive benefits when used for arthritis.
  • Genuine Frankincense oil contains Boswellic Acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents, and which researchers are considering to be a future replacement for steroid treatment. (Steroids are caustic to the body, damaging the thyroid, parathyroid and immune system. Frankincense on the other hand has no negative side effects).
  • Frankincense has shown positive benefits when used for chest infection, Crohn’s disease, colitis and asthma.
  • ¬†Frankincense oil is being extensively researched for its ability to repair DNA. Cancer starts when the DNA code becomes corrupted, and it would seem that Frankincense oil acts as a cellular re-set button. In one study on DNA repair capacity, Frankincense demonstrated a DNA repair capacity of 45%. Another study showed Boswellic acids in Frankincense oil induced apoptosis (cell death) in leukemia cells, while yet another study showed that Frankincense was helpful in bladder cancer.

The link for this is http://evelynvincent.younglivingcircle.com/Newsletter-Archive.php?a=411

I have been involved in the medical community, clinical trials and pharma research long enough to know that these studies are considered no better than hearsay by that community. The evidence is mounting, however, and because these substances do no harm, I question the rationale of not using them, trying them, when they are available and just may help.

Personally, I use Frankincense oil daily, topically, for the emotional benefits and to keep my connections upstairs open. I am pleased to learn about all these health benefits too. Oh, sorry. Potential health benefits.

Do something positive for your health today.