When we are unable to fall asleep, the Chinese call this the inability for the spirit to settle. Small patent medicine boxes of Healthy Brain Pills contain herbs that slow the mind and make sleep easier.

Our busy schedules, overactive adrenals and outward-directed minds are all to blame for the epidemic of chronic insomnia.

One solution is offered by training yourself to focus on allowing yourself to relax, bit by bit, using the polyvagal theory learning in reverse. Sorry, probably most of you are not familiar with that.

The mammalian central vagal nerve is connected to our arousal and relaxation processes. If we focus on our breath, and hear the sound of our own breathing, noisily, our brains think we are relaxed, and so relax. Funny, I put an s on brain, but possibly that is the accurate way of saying it, since we have brains (neural tissue) in our hearts and our gut. (When you hear someone talking about increasing your serotonin levels ‘in the brain’ you might want to remember that 95% of the serotonin is made in the small intestine, not the ‘brain’).

Here is the link to the article by Mr, Sleep Easily himself, that will gradually calm you and put you to sleep as easily as the cd.


I will summarize more of it another time. Right now, I am feeling sleepy…

Be well. Sleep is very important to your mental health.